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Honeybear Brands Brings Pazazz to Stores

MINNESOTA - Fruit lovers, fresh produce connoisseurs, and apple aficionados will REJOICE. There’s an apple adding Pazazz to the produce section! Stock up on this sensational variety to enhance your shopper’s eating experience and elevate the core of your produce department. With Pazazz apples’ excellent storage ability and lasting flavor, the apple deck will be a popular destination. Retailers can capitalize on the BOLD, BRIGHT, and JUICY flavor of Pazazz by tempting consumers with fresh-cut samples and triggering sales with attractive point-of-sale displays to spread that addicting crunch all the way through the summer, long after the traditional apple season ends!

Due to its versatility and taste, Pazazz apples adds a touch of razzle dazzle to everything from salads to desserts

Developed in the same home state as the Honeycrisp, it comes as no surprise that the flavor of Pazazz is just as enticingly sweet with hints of tartness in every juicy bite, perfect for fans new and seasoned. In fact, picky eaters of all ages will relish that explosive crunch, making Pazazz a variety you cannot miss in the apple category.

With attractive point-of-sale displays and fresh-cut samples, retailers can capitalize on Pazazz's addicting crunch long after the traditional apple season ends

Featuring superb taste and tremendous versatility, the Pazazz adds that touch of razzle dazzle to everything from salads and appetizers to desserts, or enjoyed on its own! Easy to pack, easy to prepare, and easy to eat, the apple is an ideal snack! Most importantly, it’s a healthy option that tastes great!

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