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IFCO Solutions Eagerly Extends Partnership With REWE Group

IFCO Solutions Eagerly Extends Partnership With REWE Group

EUROPE - IFCO Systems was so eager to bring its latest product to all of Europe that it renewed its cooperation agreement with REWE Group ahead of schedule, according to a press release.

Thanks to the latest contract, the company will now be able to provide the new black version of its Lift Lock RPC to all REWE Supermarkets and PENNY Discount Stores customers for the first time ever in the European market.

Wolfgang Orgeldinger, CEO of IFCO Systems“The REWE Group is a strategic partner for us, with whom we are cooperating on a long-term basis in order to improve business operations and provide the desired RPC concepts and service models,” Wolfgang Orgeldinger, Chief Executive Officer of IFCO Systems, said. “At IFCO, everything is about fulfilling the requirements of our customers and the objective of jointly developing the best possible solutions.”

The black Lift Lock RPC is used exclusively for fruit and vegetable storage, providing REWE consumers with an elegant design, maximum storage, with minimum occupation. The company, however, continues to plan for expanded uses with the product.

“We are in intensive talks about the introduction of the Caja de Oro banana RPC for banana imports, as well as the use of IFCO crates for other areas, such as eggs or meat,” said Michael Meierhöfer, Vice President of IFCO’s in North and Central Europe and responsible for the company’s operations in Germany. But for the moment, according to Meierhöfer, the two companies plan to introduce the company’s latest crate generation gradually over the coming months.

IFCO has also recently made a large donation to support food banks during Fruit Logistica in Berlin, having donated about $34,000 to the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V. and Berliner Tafel.

"We sincerely thank IFCO Systems for their continued commitment to the food banks,” Jochen Brühl, Chairman of the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel, said. “Their support helps make possible the provision of food to 1.5 million people in need throughout Germany.”

Sabine Werth, Chairwoman of the Berliner Tafel, added, “I am very grateful for the long lasting support from IFCO. The green reusable plastic containers and sponsorship of refrigerated vans are a perfect help in mastering the daily tasks of Berliner Tafel.”

2015 promises to be an active year for this company.

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