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Ippolito's Katie Harreld Talks This Season's Brussels Sprouts

Ippolito's Katie Harreld Talks This Season's Brussels Sprouts

SALINAS, CA – It’s the prime time for popular winter vegetable cooking item Brussels sprouts both in the fields and in stores. With growing regions coming into full production and consumer demand on the rise, Ippolito International’s Sales Manager Katie Harreld gives the inside scoop on this season’s Brussels sprouts.

Katie Harreld, Sales Manager/Brussels Sprout Commodity Manager, Ippolito“We are currently on schedule with our California season winding down and our Mexico growing areas coming into full production,” Katie tells me. “We are seeing good quality coming out of both growing areas, and we are particularly happy with the quality we are seeing from Mexico since the start of the season.”

Katie reports that Brussels sprouts are up 10-15% overall between all growing areas, which helps Ippolito keep up with its customer base.

Ippolito Brussels Sprouts Product Line

In terms of weather, she tells me there have been no major problems, either, and while it is still early January, Katie assures me Ippolito is well prepared should the weather change.

“We have a very diversified growing and sourcing operation, with seven different regions in Mexico along with our three California growing regions. This gives us the best chance of good quality and consistent supplies throughout the year, and to adjust as needed if any weather issues come up in a certain area or region,” Katie tells me.

Brussels Sprouts

With weather manageable and growing regions on track, Katie also notes that the market has been steady coming off of the big holiday push, with smooth forward momentum.

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