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Matthew Clark, Formerly of Eco Farms, Talks Compac's Inspectra System in New Case Study

Matthew Clark, Formerly of Eco Farms, Talks Compac's Inspectra System in New Case Study

TEMECULA, CA - With Compac’s Inspectra internal quality sorting system, produce companies can virtually see inside their products to “weed out” those with poor quality. Using safe, non-invasive, near-infrared (NIR) technology, Inspectra calculates grade values that determine the internal properties of the produce, then helps sort it accordingly. One happy customer of Compac’s Insepctra technology is avocado producer Eco Farms, whose former General Manager, Matthew Clark, spoke on the company’s behalf in a recent Compac case study.

Clark shared in an interview on Compac’s technologies that the NIR system has two separate uses.

Matthew Clark, Former General Manager, Eco Farms

"One is the every day pack out," Clark explained, adding it allows measuring the dry matter and, with that, the ability to pack a more uniform box.

“The other aspect is for repack. After the product has been rejected or had issues,” Clark continued. “This is a good way of being able to distinguish the fruit that's mixed in pressure or mixed in internal discoloration.”

One of the major benefits of Inspectra’s NIR technology is the fact you can check for internal quality without having to waste or damage the fruit in any way. The demand for avocados in the industry is growing by double digits and the supply is currently growing by single digits, Clark says, making machinery equipment that prevents food waste more important than ever to keep up with customers’ needs.

“These machines allow us to have a second chance with the fruit,” Clark assures.

Want to learn even more about Compac’s Inspectra technology and the benefits it brings its customers? Watch the full case study above, and visit www.compacsort.com.


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