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Monterey Mushrooms Set to Unveil New Let's Blend™ Product Line at PMA Fresh Summit

Monterey Mushrooms Set to Unveil New Let's Blend™ Product Line at PMA Fresh Summit

WATSONVILLE, CA - Plant-based and blended proteins are on the rise both at the buy-side and in foodservice. In line with the trend is the newest product line soon to be unveiled by Monterey Mushrooms; the company announced it will launch its new Let's Blend™ line at the PMA Fresh Summit next week.

Lindsey Roberts, Marketing Specialist, Monterey Mushrooms“People want to eat better without giving up flavor and texture,” said Lindsey Roberts, Marketing Specialist, of the new finely-diced mushrooms, ready to blend with ground meat. “Let’s Blend works well with ground beef, chicken, lamb, pork, or turkey. It makes meat juicier without adding fat or cholesterol.”

Clad in a high-graphic, 8-ounce package with an inspiring blended protein dish, the recyclable packaging has cooking instructions on the pack, a visible best-by date, and a cut out window to see the fresh product.

Monterey Mushrooms' Let's Blend™ flavors

Retailers, in turn, can appreciate the added value Let’s Blend brings to the refrigerated mushroom, as well as an extended shelf-life.

Let's Blend is launching with three pre-seasoned flavors:

  • Classic
  • Mexican
  • Italian

Monterey Mushrooms' Classic Let's Blend™ flavor

“It’s an easy way for home cooks to achieve the same Blend Concept that is appearing on restaurant menus nationwide,” Lindsey explained. Listed amongst popular media coverage for the movement are names like The Today Show, Food & Wine, Forbes, and more.

Now, Let’s Blend will help home cooks achieve the dishes at home they’ve been able to sample on restaurant menus, the company said.

Monterey Mushrooms' Mexican Let's Blend™ flavor

Born from a partnership between the Mushroom Council, UC-Davis researchers, and Culinary Institute of America chefs, The Blend concept is a result of studying the flavor-enhancing properties of mushrooms and the appeal of blending them with ground meat. During a 2014 study, they found mushrooms’ umami makes for a boost in flavor when a traditional ground meat recipe is prepared with 50 percent mushrooms and 50 percent meat.

In addition to the Let’s Blend line, Monterey Mushrooms said it will showcase all the products and packages in its fresh line including clean-n-ready, vitamin D, certified-organic, whole and sliced mushrooms at booth #1906.

Monterey Mushrooms' Italian Let's Blend™ flavor

The team is also sponsoring the PMA Chairman's Invitational Reception and celebrating that both Lindsey and Sales Manager Erica Manfre will be honored for achievements among the 40 under 40.

It all goes down at the 2017 PMA Fresh Summit Convention and Expo, Oct. 20-21 in New Orleans. See you there!

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