NatureFresh™ Farms to Unveil its New OhioRed™ Tomato at PMA Fresh Summit 2015

NatureFresh™ Farms to Unveil its New OhioRed™ Tomato at PMA Fresh Summit 2015

ATLANTA, GA – PMA Fresh Summit 2015 is just days away, NatureFresh™ Farms has plenty of innovations to share with expo attendees at booth #4785.

OhioRed™ Tomatoes, the newest brand from NatureFresh™, will be unveiled at this year’s show.

Chris Veillon, Director of Marketing, NatureFresh™ Farms“In just a few months, consumers will be able to eat Ohio-grown tomatoes that will come from our new greenhouse facility in Delta, OH,” said Chris Veillon, Director of Marketing.

The first crop from the Ohio greenhouse will be planted in November, according to a press release.

NatureFresh™ Farms' OhioRed™ Tomatoes

Visitors at NatureFresh’s booth will also get a chance to experience some of the company’s latest innovations in product merchandising, including the TomBar™, the Grape Tomato Machine, and Corporate Chef Henry Furtado’s TomPopper™ bar.

Ray Wowryk, Director of Business Development, NatureFresh™ Farms“We understand customer buying habits are changing and we need to adapt to that,” said Ray Wowryk, Director of Business Development.

The TomBar™ allows customers to hand-select up to twelve different tomato varieties from a unit similar to an olive bar.

NatureFresh™ Farms' TomBar™

The Grape Tomato Machine is similar to a gumball machine in concept. It allows consumers to select from three unique grape tomato varieties, giving them the opportunity to pick the color, type, and quantity they need.

NatureFresh™ has also revamped its Greenhouse Education Center to demonstrate all of the functioning aspects of a typical NatureFresh™ greenhouse at the expo.

NatureFresh™ Farms' Micro-greenhouse from CPMA 2015

This micro-greenhouse features cherry tomato plants, a bumble bee eco-system, irrigation, venting, and an energy curtain system. iPads alongside the unit will feature the new NatureFresh™ app, which plays various promotional videos focusing on various aspects of the company’s greenhouse operations.

Henry Furtado, Corporate Chef, NatureFresh™ FarmsLastly, NatureFresh™ has been named a finalist in the PMA Sensory Experience Contest that takes place on Friday, October 23rd. Corporate Chef Henry Furtado will be on-site during the contest to prepare his version of a Fresh Caprese Wrap.

To see all of these innovations and more, visit NatureFresh™ at booth #4785 at PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta, GA.

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