Nichole Towell Discusses Duda Farm Fresh Foods Bringing New Look to Ready Radishes Line

Nichole Towell Discusses Duda Farm Fresh Foods Bringing New Look to Ready Radishes Line

OVIEDO, FL - Continuing on its promise to answer the growing consumer demand for convenience, Duda Farm Fresh Foods is bringing a new look to its Ready Radishes line after unveiling its new program to national acclaim.

As Nichole Towell, Senior Director of Marketing, recently told me, the company used pointed and well-researched consumer input to develop the offering. The line encompasses three different cuts to capitalize off consumer satisfaction: whole, ministicks, and coins.

Nichole Towell, Senior Director of Marketing, Duda Farm Fresh Foods“People don’t always know what to do with whole, bunched radishes, so we saw an opportunity to lend a helping hand,” said Nichole shares. “By providing fresh, pre-cut radishes in three different varieties, people now have the convenience to create unique recipes that are healthy and tasty.”

Duda Farm Fresh Foods dived deep into consumer needs in order to procure the new line. The cuts, serving size, and size of packaging were all determined in a survey to provide versatility from the radish connoisseur to the newest radish lover.

Dandy's Ready Radish line is composed of whole, ministicks, and coin radishes.

“With new seasons and trends approaching, we’ve seen radishes jumping out of salad bowls and into trendy recipes,” said Towell. “We hope to inspire the radish lover and trend-seeker alike who will be reaching for these seasonal veggies during the warmer months.”

The company’s research indicated that value-added radishes would fulfill a current need in the marketplace, while also inspiring healthy-minded consumers to try a new vegetable since prep time has diminished. Ready Radishes offer consumers a chance to add color, crunch, and fewer calories to any dish, hot or cold.

Consumers can add the color and crunch of radishes to any hot or cold dish without guilt.

Available year-round, Duda Farm Fresh Foods is pairing the new launch with a wide variety of marketing efforts. The company is offering a free download of its Ready, Set, Radishes ebook to further enamor consumers with the possibilities of radishes, in addition to entering them for a chance to win a $100 gift card. Duda Farm Fresh Foods has also partnered with Healthy Happy Life, The Kitchen Prep, and Little Bits of Real Food to promote both the ebook, and this season’s hottest radish trend–pickling.

Even further, the company will be engaging with consumers and retailers through strategic media outreach and advertising with relevant and trendy radish recipes.

“We asked what consumers wanted, they told us, and Ready Radishes were made!” Nichole finishes.

What’s next from the innovators at Duda Farm Fresh Foods? Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow to find out.

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