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Ocean Mist® Farms Set to Launch Tis the Season to Steam Sweepstakes

Ocean Mist® Farms Set to Launch Tis the Season to Steam Sweepstakes

CASTROVILLE, CA - As consumers enter the busiest season where kitchen convenience is most crucial, Ocean Mist® Farms is looking to enhance the ease of its popular Season & Steam® product line with a new campaign.

The company is launching ‘Tis the Season to Steam Sweepstakes, a 7-week consumer promotion. Starting November 13th and running through December 31st, this sweepstakes will be providing recipe inspiration, preparation tips, and cookbook resources.

Ocean Mist® Farms 'Tis the Season to Steam

Featuring the Season & Steam ready-to-use, award-winning packaging, its unique convenience might be lost in its powerful presentation, Senior Director of Marketing Diana McClean observed.

Diana McClean, Director of Marketing, Ocean Mist Farms

“We recognize that some of our products may be intimidating to people who are unfamiliar with these vegetables,” Diana said in a recent press release. “The Season & Steam product line features many different options and encourages people to try them with a more approachable preparation method.”

Everyone loves a good serving of steamed vegetables, but the preparation can sometimes bite into already jam-packed schedules. Ocean Mist is setting out to eliminate this issue with the popular product line, which gives users the option to pre-season the vegetables, reseal the zip lock, and steam in the microwave–all in the same bag!

With this no muss, no fuss meal option for your customers, they can enjoy Season & Steam’s vegetables, including:

  • Whole artichokes
  • Sweet baby broccoli
  • Whole, halved, and shredded Brussels sprouts

Ocean Mist® Farms Microwaveable Artichokes

As a reward for the promotion, consumers can take home a prize pack, including Ocean Mist products, a Williams Sonoma® vegetable steamer, and more.

With the holidays right around the corner, Ocean Mists’ new launch is focused on making dinner preparations for your shoppers easier, healthier, and more joyful throughout the season.

Stay tuned into AndNowUKnow for more fresh produce news!

Ocean Mist® Farms

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