Orangeline Farms' Zing! Healthy Foods Launches New Website

Orangeline Farms' Zing! Healthy Foods Launches New Website

LEAMINGTON, ON - Orangeline Farms has launched a new tool to help consumers learn about the company’s Zing! Healthy Foods™ business and its focus on healthy living—

Zing! Healthy Foods' New Website

As first generation farmers and local entrepreneurs transforming their family-owned business, brothers Duffy and Jordan Kniaziew are seeking to use this new website to position themselves as a cutting-edge operation in the heart of Canada’s premier growing region.

From Left to Right: Duffy Kniaziew and Jordan Kniaziew

“Starting as a small family-owned farm, we’re proud of how far we’ve come,” said Jordan Kniaziew, VP of Sales and Marketing for Zing! Healthy Foods. “We started from humble beginnings, and it’s really our passion that brought us this far – we wanted our website to reflect that.”

The company’s dynamic website takes consumers on an interactive journey using a virtual bike tour through the company’s history, according to a press release. And even beyond the history, users can see health facts for peppers, strawberries and runner beans, and new ways to enjoy each.

Zing! Healthy Foods' Virtual Tour

“We want our customers to have a better understanding of what we do. They’ll see how excited we are about the Zing! brand and our products, and hopefully get to know us a little better,” continued Kniaziew. 

On top of growing the company’s online presence, the Kniaziew family has also announced that Orangeline Farms will be hiring and adding to the Zing! Healthy Foods team.  

Jordan and Duffy from 1997

“We want to engage the community in the exciting things happening in our industry and the jobs we are creating” added Kniaziew. “We are proud of the growth we continue to see, and the impact it has on the region”. 

For more on Orangline’s growing team and to see the new Zing! Healthy Foods website for yourself, visit

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