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Red Sun Farms Taps New Partner With JC Fresh to Build New Greenhouse

Red Sun Farms Taps New Partner With JC Fresh to Build New Greenhouse

USA & CANADA - There’s nothing like a good partnership that excites joy and intrigue amongst us produce folk, especially when we learn that it’s between two greenhouse companies. Red Sun Farms and JC Fresh shook hands earlier last week, cementing a new business endeavor to construct a 63.8 acre project in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. The growers are employing help from Havecon in constructing this major project.

Jim DiMenna, President, Red Sun Farms“This is an exciting time at Red Sun Farms as we embark upon this new partnership to meet the growing demands of our customers for quality, flavor, and year-round availability,” stated Red Sun Farms President, Jim DiMenna.

According to the press release, the project will undergo three phases; phase one will be constructing the first 27 acres of high-tech greenhouses in Kingsville, headquarters of Red Sun Farms, to ensure control over every step of the supply chain. By the end of the project, the company will have expanded its facilities to over 600 acres in North America, including its Mexico and USA locations.

Jeremy Capussi, acting Managing Director/Operations Coordinator and Development, JC Fresh Farms“The reason that we chose to work with Havecon is their reputation for high quality and speed of construction. Havecon is a professional organization that we are proud to work with,” said Jeremy Capussi, acting Managing Director/Operations Coordinator and Development for JC Fresh Farms.

Red Sun Farms and JC Fresh are partnering up with Haveco to construct a new 63.8 acre facility in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

Through this new partnership with JC Fresh, Red Sun Farms Ontario will deliver the highest quality of high-tech greenhouse produce with the third-generation grower, who also has an additional greenhouse facility in Kingsville, Ontario.

Construction will start immediately on the new greenhouse with a targeted completion date of December 2020. Havecon will be building this new high tech greenhouse and packhouse in conjunction with Voorwinden, including the heating system, screening system, irrigation system, and the complete electrical and computer systems.

As more partnerships in the fresh produce world happen, AndNowUKnow will keep you updated on the latest.

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