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Red Sun Farms Pushes Save The Monarchs Campaign

Red Sun Farms Pushes Save The Monarchs Campaign

KINGSVILLE, ON - As stewards of the land and innovators in our industry, Red Sun Farms is constantly aligning its program with efforts that preserve and promote the health of the earth and its precious diversity. Over the next couple months, the company is promoting the Save the Monarchs campaign, a cause close to the heart of the Red Sun team.

“From August 22nd to October 18th, we ask supporters to visit savethemonarchs.redsunfarms.com and take the pledge to Save the Monarchs,” Leona Neill, Marketing and Packaging Manager, tells me. “By filling out your information, you are taking the pledge to do your part in helping rebuild the monarch population and in return Red Sun Farms will mail you two packets of milkweed seed to plant in your own personal garden. This action helps provide food for the monarch butterflies along their migration from Canada to Mexico. “

Currently, the Monarch butterfly population is being threatened by the loss of many of its food sources, mainly the milkweed plant, as well as the loss of its natural habitats. The monarch is an important figure in the ecosystems of North America because, just like the bee, it is a vital pollinator.

By educating and raising awareness about how fragile and important the monarch population is to our environment, the campaign hopes to make an impact, one milkweed plant at a time.

Monarch Butterflies

Leona shares, “Once a pledge has been made, our map on our site will be updated to indicate that location.”

The goal at the end of the Save the Monarchs campaign is get 1,000 pledges and if all 1,000 pledges plant both packets of milkweed, that will account for an entire acre worth growing for the benefit of the monarch butterfly. Red Sun will be posting trivia, fun facts and statistics, to help educate its audience about the Monarch butterfly, as well launching contests with some cool prizes to spread the love.

Red Sun will be connecting with its audience via its social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The monarch butterfly is an icon used on all of Red Sun’s packaging, from greenhouse-grown tomatoes and sweet bell peppers, to cucumbers, and eggplant.

“The migration path for Monarchs begins in Ontario, over Lake Erie, and moves through Kingsville, Ontario, and ends in Central Mexico,” Leona shares with me. “This journey mirrors the locations of our farming areas. We’ve used the butterfly as a symbol of quality for our Red Sun Farms brand.”

With the campaign running through the middle of October, we all have time to do our part to support the cause, and Red Sun Farms.

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