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RPE, Inc. Continues to Expand Organics Program, Adds More Grower Partners

RPE, Inc. Continues to Expand Organics Program, Adds More Grower Partners

BANCROFT, WI – As the company grows with the rising demand for the organic segment, RPE, Inc. has announced continuing expansions to its own organic program with increased production and new partnerships.

Russell Wysocki, President and CEO, RPE Inc.“Having seen a rise in the popularity of organics potatoes, we hope that our partnerships and expanded organic capabilities will provide our customers with more organic options that their consumers demand,” says Russell Wysocki, President and CEO of RPE, Inc. 

RPE has expanded its organic programs in Colorado and the Northwest, and also grown its organic products line with a new partnership with organic sweet potato growers in Mississippi. 

With this latest grower partnership, RPE has reached a new record with its organic growing operations spanning six states. According to a press release, since its inaugural organic pack in 2009, RPE has increased its organic land base over 6,000 percent

RPE’s growers are also stepping up to the organic plate by expanding the production of their organic offerings. The company stated that one of its long-time grower partners, Chad Malek, has recently expanded his organic offerings with a new facility.

Malek, an organic grower since 2011, experienced an unfortunate warehouse fire in 2015. When rebuilding and investing into a new facility, Malek used the incident as further incentive to expand his organic program and provide other organic potato growers the space and capacity to wash, cool, and store their potatoes. 

Malek’s new facility is now capable of handling more variety and sizes of organic products at one time. RPE said this leads to better and more consistent quality organic products. 

RPE stated that organic produce is currently in record-high demand, selling more than $11 billion worth of products in 2015.

As organics continue to bloom and companies acorss the industry expand operations, AndNowUKnow will have the latest.

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