Texas Valley Citrus Committee Seeks Nominees

Texas Valley Citrus Committee Seeks Nominees

MISSION, TX – As demand for citrus continues to grow, there’s a particular focus growing in the Texas market to uplift citrus even further. The Texas Valley Citrus Committee (TVCC) has announced that it is seeking new members as it continues to promote citrus movement within the state.

Dennis Holbrook, Chairman, Texas Valley Citrus Committee

“I would like to encourage the citrus industry to get involved,” said Chairman Dennis Holbrook, who is a citrus grower himself. Dennis emphasized the role that TVCC plays in Texas citrus inspection standards for consistent grade and size, stating that “without enforceable standards, any and all citrus could be shipped making it difficult to get the best price possible for high quality Texas citrus. Our citrus marketing order helps create a level playing field.” 

The TVCC is currently seeking both producer and handler nominees as it looks to welcome new members into its fold. According to a press release, the Committee is also strongly encouraging the nomination of both women and members to join the TVCC. 

Texas Citrus

“The TVCC plays an important role in ensuring producers and handlers get the best price for their products. We are always looking for new growers to sit on the Committee to create diversity and bring in some new energy,” said Ted Prukop, Manager. 

The Committee has scheduled a nomination and budget meeting for Thursday, June 8, 2017, to be held at 12:00 p.m. UTC at the TexaSweet Building in Mission, Texas. The entire Texas citrus industry is invited to attend. 

The TVCC is a Board of citrus growers and handlers elected by the industry, and works in partnership with the USDA and the Texas Department of Agriculture to promote the health and growth of the Texas citrus industry. The Committee is managed by the Texas International Produce Association. 

Interested in participating, or have questions about participation requirements? Contact the Committee at (956) 581-2190.

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