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T&G Launches A New Campaign to Highlight its Signature JAZZ™ Apple Variety

T&G Launches A New Campaign to Highlight its Signature JAZZ™ Apple Variety

NEW ZEALAND - T&G Global is spreading the word that health-forward thinking is as sweet as it gets, launching a new campaign to highlight its signature JAZZ™ apple variety. The fitness-forward promotion is designed to spark healthy habits, boost workouts, and build excitement around the brand. The new Energize campaign is a shopper contest from JAZZ that kicked off the week of January 20, and will run through February.

Angie Hanson, National Brand Activation Manager, Oppy, T&G Global“We look forward to working with retailers to drive JAZZ sales through their vehicles, leveraging the best ways to reach and reward their shoppers,” said Angie Hanson, National Brand Activation Manager for New Zealand-based T&G, and Vancouver, BC-based Oppy. “We’ll simply provide any in-store direction and boost where we can, through T&G’s digital and social outlets to ensure we drive incremental sales and make it a success.”

The new Energize campaign is designed to highlight the health benefits of T&G Global's JAZZ™ apple variety

The promotion takes a multi-channel approach, using in-store displays, POS, and ads, which is complemented by social media influencers, promotional geotargeting messaging, and digital couponing. The new promotion is designed to reward loyal shoppers and new customers.

Chris Willett, General Manager at EnzaFruit Products, T&G Global“JAZZ, traditionally, has been positioned and known as a great pre- and post-exercise apple, due to its sweet/tangy flavor profile and useful ‘on-the-go’ size profile,” said Chris Willett, General Manager, EnzaFruit Products, Inc., in a press release. “We want to be able to incentivize and reward JAZZ shoppers during this healthful time of year.”

The contest will give away 11 prizes that total $20,000—one $10,000 grand prize and 10 $1,000 prizes (in gift cards).

The promotion takes a multi-channel approach, utilizing several avenues to connect with consumers

Shoppers are encouraged to visit the JAZZ apple website where they can submit proof of purchase and a quick comment on why they prefer JAZZ apples, after which they will be automatically entered to win one of the 11 prizes. Two prizes will be drawn weekly, each Friday, starting January 31, with the grand prize drawn on March 10.

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