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Thorsten Rhode Discusses Current Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms Melon Season

Thorsten Rhode Discusses Current Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms Melon Season

LOS ANGELES, CA - In the icy grip of January, the fruitful bounty of the summer months can seem eons away, but for this fruit provider, the clock never stops on melon season. Though the chill winter months can put a damper on overall yield, Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms perseveres and looks ahead to a plentiful season.

Thorsten Rhode, Senior Director of Marketing, Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms“Our current focus is on our personal-size mini seedless watermelon PureHeart®, from Mexico, along with our full-size seedless watermelon, SugarDaddy™,” says Thorsten Rhode, Senior Director of Marketing, in a recent interview. “Toward the end of January, we are also bringing back PureHeart Organic minis and will have limited quantities initially, then ramp up into February, March, and beyond.”

Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms is currently focusing on its personal-size mini seedless PureHeart® watermelons and full-size seedless watermelon, SugarDaddy™

Winter weather conditions have impacted melon growth, and though improving, the rain and cold did initially lower brix levels. The cold of winter has also had an effect on crop yield, generally lowering volume, though consumer demand for melons remains strong. That, combined with a tight market, has led to prices at the upper end of what can be expected throughout winter months.

Though supplies are limited at the moment, the company anticipates ample volumes of its many melon varieties—including conventional and organic PureHeart mini-seedless watermelons, TuscanStyle™ Cantaloupe, and SunnyGold mini-seedless yellow watermelons—and will increase quantities above 2018 levels as the winter months wane. The melon producer has additionally kept retailers in mind when planning out the upcoming season.

While the winter cold has lowered crop yield, consumer demand for melons remains strong

“We realize there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’-package, so our approach varies by retail partner. 2019 programs for spring/summer/fall seasons are currently in development, and range from long-term contract pricing to in-store packaging solutions and online support,” comments Rhode.

With harvesting currently underway in Mexico, and domestic harvesting starting in May, the company is well-positioned to provide retailers with all their melon needs.

Pacific Trellis/Dulcinea Farms

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