Tour de Fresh Encourages Final Fundraising for Event Riders

Tour de Fresh Encourages Final Fundraising for Event Riders

WATSONVILLE, CA - Time is running out to donate to Tour de Fresh. With $91,000 left to raise for this year's goal of $175,000, and only two weeks before the event on July 26-28, the team is encouraging participants, sponsors, and industry members to reach out for fundraising support.

Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms“Each year, we’ve been able to pull through for the schools where we’ve promised salad bars, and I don’t expect this year to be any different because of the tremendous industry support for this cause,” said Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing for California Giant Berry Farms. “However, with only two weeks left and more than $90,000 to collect, we’re very appreciative of the friends, families, and companies who support our riders in their last leg of fundraising.”

Presented by The California Giant Foundation, Tour de Fresh is a three-day cycling event that raises funds to benefit the Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools campaign. Some ways to support friends and colleagues riding in this year’s Tour de Fresh include: 

  • Reaching out to friends and family by asking personally, and posting on social media using this link:
  • Implementing company incentives. Offer raffles, prizes, team lunches, time off, etc. for those who donate.
  • Utilizing industry partnerships, by asking for support from buyers, importers, retailers, etc.
  • Forming business partnerships by asking local businesses to donate tax-free.

Through July 22nd, Tour de Fresh is offering multiple incentives to support these additional fundraising efforts. Any individual who donates to a rider will automatically be entered into a raffle for the chance to win one of two prizes - a Blendtec® Blender, or a baseball signed by San Francisco Giants Brandon Crawford. Additionally, the rider who raises the most money within that time period will automatically win a Blendtec® Blender.

Riders have already placed 27 salad bars in schools through this year’s fundraising efforts. These salad bars will allow students to enjoy fresh and nutritious produce as they return to school in the fall, and schools still on the waitlist are relying on Tour de Fresh riders for the same exciting opportunity. 

In it’s first two years (2014-2015), Tour de Fresh received over $300,000 in donations to support the placement of more than 100 salad bars in schools across the country. At a cost of $3,125 per salad bar per school, sponsors and participants alike strongly believe that providing healthy eating opportunities for school children should be a requirement.

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