Twist-Ease Twist Ties Keep Stores Clean and Efficient

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Twist-Ease has been dedicated to keeping grocery departments clean and efficient since 1989. Our easy-to-use system provides twist ties to more than 20,000 supermarkets throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. Here’s What’s in Store.

Twist-Ease Twist Ties

Twist-Ease allows customers to seal their bags, retain food’s freshness, and protect their purchases from bruising.

A bag secured with Twist-Ease is less likely to spill onto the floor before it is purchased, and our unique system holds twist ties in place so only ONE twist tie is taken at a timeeliminating spillage onto the floor or into fixtures. Having Twist-Ease on hand will increase customer satisfaction and make return trips more likely.

Twist-Ease Twist Ties

And Twist-Ease can turn single-use bags into a multi-use bags. A knotted bag forces you to rip it openbut with Twist-Ease, you can safely and conveniently store your purchases until they are gone.

Twist-Ease flag ties work great in bulk foods, bakery, and candy departments. Our flag ties provide the customer ample room to write a product number clearly, but still have a long twistable area to tie around the bag.

Twist-Ease Twist Ties

Visit us at for more information on how to get Twist-Ease in your store today!

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