Video Exclusive on Driscoll's Recent Expansion of Organic Operations to Keep Up with Demand

WATSONVILLE, CA - The future is blossoming one berry at a time thanks to Driscoll’s commitment to organics.

Here’s what’s in store.

With 100 years of farming heritage in its roots, Driscoll's made the decision to dive into organics 20 years ago. As a brand consumers can trust, Driscoll’s is the market leader in organic berries with more than 66 percent of market share. Now, the company is pushing its organic operations to new heights and innovating programs to meet market demands.

Driscoll's is pushing to new heights and innovating programs to meet market demands

The numbers show fruit and vegetables are the top organic category, making up 15 percent of the food Americans eat, with fresh organic berries taking the number two spot for consumer produce faves. Driscoll's is increasing operations to match that demand.

To do this, the Driscoll's team has come up with three organic supply solutions: geography, to bring operations to life; genetics, to continue providing varieties unique to the Driscoll’s brand; and technology, to ensure new production systems work, and work well.

Fresh organic berries make up the number two spot for consumer produce faves

Rather than innovating just to innovate, Driscoll's organic growth stems from a passion for sustainability and preserving berries for generations to come. Specifically, its program helps decrease unnecessary waste of crucial resources like water and soil while increasing production. And by providing better working conditions for labor, Driscoll's attracts a new generation of growers keen on positively impacting the world we eat in.

A program that is ever-evolving; the future is now with Driscoll’s organics.

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