Wild About Sprouts™ Partners With Ilana Muhlstein

Wild About Sprouts™ Partners With Ilana Muhlstein

SACRAMENTO, CA - Instagram just got a whole lot greener, as Wild About Sprouts™ has partnered with celebrity dietitian Ilana Muhlstein to show consumers just how easy it is to incorporate both flavor and nutrition into their regular diets with its sprout varieties.

"Wild About Sprouts is on a mission to reach consumers across the country with fresh, living, safe, healthy, flavorful sprouts and to show them how to use these tiny plants in everyday eating occasions," said Dan Sholl, General Manager, Wild About Sprouts. "In order to do this, we partnered with an expert on nutrition, Ilana Muhlstein, to help show how easy it can be to incorporate sprouts into your everyday eating."

Wild About Sprouts™ has partnered with celebrity dietitian Ilana Muhlstein to show consumers just how easy it is to incorporate both flavor and nutrition into their regular diets

Wild About Sprouts products are grown in individual 3 oz containers using a patented Cold Grown® process, leaving the products untouched until they reach the homes of shoppers, a press release explained. The sprouts are produced sustainably without herbicides and pesticides, and with zero waste. Flavorful, healthy, and environmentally friendly—what more could shoppers ask for when looking to spice up their kitchens, whether it be for the holidays or everyday cooking?

Ilana Muhlstein, MS, RDN"What better time to introduce an easy way to add something healthy to your diet than during the holiday season, typically a time when people tend to overindulge in sweets and meals and perhaps forget some of their healthy eating habits," said Ilana Muhlstein, who wears many hats as the author of 2B Mindset, a public speaker, influencer, and member of the leadership team for the American Heart Association. "We are making it easier to add delicious health benefits to your meals by simply incorporating Wild About Sprouts into the foods you already eat! Try adding sprouts to your morning avocado toast, omelet, or smoothie to start the day right. Add crunch, flavor, protein, and fiber to your day-after turkey or ham sandwich or wrap or toss your holiday salad with a package of Wild About Sprouts and a handful of dried cranberries. Serve stuffed mushroom caps or crostini appetizers with a 'hat' of sprouts or create a meal and side in one with sprouts as the bed for your grilled salmon, brisket, or chicken. And the easiest way to incorporate sprouts is to simply eat them from the package by the handful.”

As eating healthy without compromising flavor weighs heavy on shoppers’ minds, now is the perfect time to help them open their eyes to what these sprouts can do for their dishes.

Wild About Sprouts™ varieties come in six offerings, including 100 percent Clover, Broccoli and Clover blend, Radish and Clover blend, Clover and Alfalfa blend, and 100 percent Broccoli

"Eating for health is the trend right now, and it's one I hope sticks for all generations moving forward," explained Muhlstein. "There is a generation of consumers that don't really know what sprouts are, and we are taking on the challenge of helping people understand the benefits of these powerful little plants."

The sprouts come in six varieties, including 100 percent Clover, which is sweet and delicate; Broccoli and Clover blend, which has a mild peppery flavor; a Radish and Clover blend that provides a spicy kick; a sweet, nutty Clover and Alfalfa blend; and 100 percent Broccoli, which is strong and peppery.

"There's a flavor combination for all of your favorite dishes. I'm Wild about Broccoli/Clover, find out what you are Wild about!" exclaimed Muhlstein.

Buyers, what are you waiting for? Stock your shelves with something shoppers can go wild over. AndNowUKnow will continue to report as more and more companies find ways to pull their products to the forefront.

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