• Thank you for the great press today! We were pleasantly surprised to have emails from retailers and food service distributors waiting for our salesman on his computer when he got in this morning. Your story [about our Red Walnuts] has already generated sales today - DAY #1, and we have more follow up to do this week. We could have never reached…

    Ron Sanguinetti Jr, Owner, Sanguinetti Family Farms

  • ANUK tells me what I want to know, and when I need to know it. The added flare of wit and humor makes it a welcome to sight to see when each newsletter arrives.

    Mimmo Franzone, Director of Produce and Floral, Longo's

  • I enjoy following and reading ANUK. The information stays fresh without all the clutter. I can easily navigate through the site and the stories are very well written. Keep-up the good work!

    David Roby, Brand Manager, Domex Superfresh Growers

  • Thanks Folks! Great coverage. I really like your format and the concise messages on video!

    Dave Corsi, VP Produce & Floral at Wegmans

  • We have had an exceptional experience with AndNowUKnow and The Snack Magazine, and they have significantly bolstered our overall market presence. The innovative and informative approach has helped us establish a strong and lasting connection with our customers, elevating our brand's visibility, and influence in the market. We look forward to…

    Luis R. Webb, Vice President of Operations, GR Fresh