AndNowUKnow always is first to hit my inbox with the latest news each day on what is trending in our industry. Love to see the headline that grabs me with “what’s up” and the “who’s who”. Keep up the good work!

Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

AndNowUKnow is my primary source for the latest industry news because of its easy-to-read format, valuable video segments, and excellent editorial work by the writing staff.

Julie deWolf, Director of Retail Marketing, Sunkist Growers

I trust the information I read from AndNowUKnow. I know this because of our history with them at TLC. When they call and ask for a quote, I am confident that what I say will be shared verbatim. This had been proved time and again. They allow the message to speak for itself and don’t pontificate, take editorial license, or bend the facts to suit an agenda. I look forward to reading what is trending and can count on ANUK to deliver.

Todd Linsky, Founder, Todd Linsky Consulting

AndNowUKnow does an excellent job of truly telling the farm to consumer story. They take the time to listen, ask questions, and reflect in a beautifully written and designed package. Their articles and magazines are gorgeous, engaging, easy, and fun.

Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Director of Marketing, Domex Superfresh Growers

I really enjoy both The Snack and the daily ANUK emails. They truly are 'bite-sized' pieces of valuable information from across our very broad and diverse industry! Quick and easy to read during the hectic workdays, all while not minimizing the impact of the content.

Chris Keetch, Director, Produce & Floral, The GIANT Company

We have had an exceptional experience with AndNowUKnow and The Snack Magazine, and they have significantly bolstered our overall market presence. The innovative and informative approach has helped us establish a strong and lasting connection with our customers, elevating our brand's visibility, and influence in the market. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership to further enhance our market presence.

Luis R. Webb, Vice President of Operations, GR Fresh

ANUK tells me what I want to know, and when I need to know it. The added flare of wit and humor makes it a welcome to sight to see when each newsletter arrives.

Mimmo Franzone, Director of Produce and Floral, Longo's

"I use these publications, SNACK and AndNowUKnow, to find new innovations and learn about my peers in the produce industry. The stories shared help develop organic and grassroots connections among ourselves by learning about challenges and successes across the many different commodities. These publications offer unique perspectives of all things produce, and bring together the work and the lived experience. I look forward to reading the WTF (What The Fork) features and finding new ways to use a fruit or vegetable, and the Mentors in the Making to learn about young folks who are making waves!”

Greg Palmer, Procurement Director of Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Squash, and Root Veg Other, Loblaw Companies Ltd

“For years, The Snack has been one of my go-to resources for insightful articles and industry leader perspectives. I appreciate the diverse topics covered, from showcasing innovative new products to in-depth dives into relevant issues. And AndNowUKnow (ANUK) doesn't miss a beat in the industry. ANUK's daily insights deliver everything you need to know: fresh news, top players, and hot new or seasonal offerings, all in a concise, time-saving format.”

Julie Olivarria, Vice President, Merchandising Manager Produce, Canned and Frozen, Sysco

I’ve loved ANUK from the beginning. It’s easy to stay abreast of industry news with this media platform’s short, relevant articles and facts. Their subject lines make me want to open on each send! ANUK has helped us burnish the Limoneira brand.

John Chamberlain, Vice President Marketing, Limoneira

What I find so special about AndNowUKnow is that it has the perfect blend of timeliness and relevance. Not only do you receive a morning and afternoon briefing, but the information you receive is on-point and on-topic. One can keep abreast on the major areas affecting the produce industry in all of the major areas of the produce supply chain, from production through to the consumer. It's concise without being cold, and relevant without being 'fluffy'. It's a must read for me twice a day!

Bruce Peterson, Founder, Peterson Insights, Inc.

I look forward to receiving the freshest news presented in a pleasing format twice a day. Broad based industry information that is relevant and interesting with an occasional bit of humor thrown in.

Charlie Eagle, Vice President Business Development, Southern Specialties

I find 'AndNowUKnow' a great resource that’s both extremely relevant and timely. It’s a valuable way to stay connected with the rapid pace of business today.

Mike Orf, Assistant Vice President of Produce Operations, Hy-Vee

ANUK provides valid content and relevant up-to-date news of our industry. They present the information in a fun and innovative way. It is a must read resource for everyone...AndNowUKnow!

Lisa McNeese, VP of Foodservice and Industrial Sales, Grimmway Farms

In this business we are all starved for time. AndNowUKnow is a quick read and reliable source to keep me updated on the latest news in the produce industry.

Chris Dove, Director of Produce Category & Merchandising, Food Lion

The ANUK team does a fantastic job. I have shown it to my new team members and they've learned a lot. Keep up the great work.

Tommy Wilkins, Director of Sales and Business Development for Grow Farms Texas, LLC

I look forward to seeing the freshest produce industry news on the daily And Now U Know. It's current, refreshing and on point. The site also provides excellent information on produce professionals, products, companies and current trends.

Frank Padilla, VP and GMM for Produce and Meat, Costco Wholesale

AndNowUKnow is a great product because it has short articles, with current info and good-to-know facts! I can read what is pertinent to me and skip what isn't. I also love doing the Quizzes—even though I haven't won yet!

Gene Harris, Senior Purchasing Manager, Denny's Corp.

AndNowUKnow keeps me connected with the industry and it’s people while being so far away from so many of the leaders in the industry. I find many of the updates very educational and timely. I also like that the pieces are quick and hit the key points, everyone is busy, and these quick sound bites don’t interfere with a busy day.

Mike Venton, GM Fresh CO, Sobey's

AndNowUKnow has always been extremely responsible and engaging when reporting the news, trends and stories that matter to our industry. Speaking for Tanimura and Antle, the team at ANUK brings high-quality and great value to all of our projects, from editorial to production.

Mike Antle, Executive Vice President - Tanimura & Antle

I am a BOOMER who grew up reading a printed newspaper, and I still get one today…well, just because! I hate trying to understand the headlines–sometimes I wish the writer would read their articles out loud, then they would hear how ridiculous it sounds in my mind. On the other side of my brain, I’m “young at heart” and love to see the ANUK email pop-up in the lower right hand corner of my computer. The articles are such an easy read–I only have to read it once and I completely get it. But there’s more to say about this incredible news outlet. The articles are different from other outlets in two perspectives:

The style of writing is unique in that it shares the news from an personable and intimate angle. Most other articles feel sterile.
The stories are unique. The stories show the human side of this industry. It is what helps us all connect to and appreciate one another.

Special thanks to the ANUK staff for the heartening support that you give to Produce Industry Family!

Teri Miller, Senior Category Manager for Produce, The Fresh Market

Thanks Folks! Great coverage. I really like your format and the concise messages on video!

Dave Corsi, VP Produce & Floral at Wegmans

ANUK is a fun, informative and easy way to stay informed with our industry. It gives us a professional well rounded update of the grower, retailer, marketer and consumer every week. Stemilt associates all enjoy catching up on the issues on ANUK.

Roger Pepperl, Marketing Director, Stemilt

And Now U Know is a great produce resource for updates in the produce world, product information, what's going on at retail, learning what is happening in the different growing areas. I look forward to each edition to enhance my knowledge of every day life in the produce industry

Gary Myracle, Retired Executive Director for Produce Procurement, AWG

I love video news! And Now U Know!

Greg Corrigan, Director of Produce for Raley's Supermarkets

ANUK has provided us a platform to get our advertising out to a specific target market and gets the best return on investment. We get results that are measureable in both calls to our sales department and compliments on the campaign we have been provided by the friendly staff at ANUK. We will continue to use this avenue of advertising into the future at Freska Produce!

Gary Clevenger, V.P. Sales and Marketing, Freska Produce

ANUK is a leading digital magazine and resource that offers the fresh produce industry valuable exposure to target audiences at an affordable price. The team is great to work with and understand the ever changing nature of the fresh produce industry and the importance of timely and visual news.

Dan’l Mackey Almy, President, DMA Solutions

I always look forward to AndNowUKnow.com E mail blasts. They are a great resource for new trends, new products, and old friends all in one site.

Mike O’Brien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Monterey Mushrooms

AndNowYouKnow is simply the voice of our industry. Very seldom do I start my day without reviewing the morning issue. The facts are accurate, relevant, and the entire team is responsive, caring and professional. Articles are short, informative, and gives us a quick concise update on worthy news.

Tony Incaviglia, Vice President Sales and Marketing, GR Fresh

We love the innovative and fresh approach that ANUK has taken when it comes to providing industry news. The power of video is enormous and the concept of sharing fresh produce industry information in such a forward thinking and attention grabbing way is exactly what we believe people are looking for, so we've really enjoyed working with them.

Greg Smith, Business Development Manager, Pratt Agricultural Packaging, Pratt

Our team at Red Sun Farms regularly accesses the information provided on www.AndNowUKnow.com The site keeps our team members connected to our rapidly changing industry, the stories are informative, educational, and presented in an entertaining format. I personally look forward to daily emails—they are organized, to the point, and easily accessible for me to keep up to date at a moment’s notice.

Jim DiMenna, President, Red Sun Farms

I enjoy reading ANUK’s unique features and feel Robert and his team really live technology and strive to bring new, bold ideas to our industry.

Megan Shulz, Marketing and Communications Manager, The Giumarra Companies

I enjoy following and reading ANUK. The information stays fresh without all the clutter. I can easily navigate through the site and the stories are very well written. Keep-up the good work!

David Roby, Brand Manager, Domex Superfresh Growers

Thank you for the great press today! We were pleasantly surprised to have emails from retailers and food service distributors waiting for our salesman on his computer when he got in this morning. Your story [about our Red Walnuts] has already generated sales today - DAY #1, and we have more follow up to do this week. We could have never reached this large pool of decision makers so quickly on our own. And now "WE" know!

Ron Sanguinetti Jr, Owner, Sanguinetti Family Farms

AndNowUKnow's daily newsletters make it easy to read the industry's news without searching through a bunch of clutter.

Frank Swanson, Category Manager, US Foods

We appreciate AndNowUKnow keeping the McDill marketing and design team continually informed with relevant news, trends, and new products in our main category: food and beverage. The digestible e-mail blasts take significantly less time to read than it would take them to research industry-wide information independently. ANUK has also provided McDill with a platform for marketing to a specific target market. Our fresh produce clients have seen measurable results from advertising with ANUK. In particular, we have seen significant traction from ANUK’s informative, SEO-optimized videos. We will continue to steer new and existing clients looking to advertise to ANUK.

Melissa McDill, Founder and CEO of McDill Associates

ANUK really delivered on their promise! They helped drive results - eyeballs, clicks and phone calls- to our company on a key program we were bringing to market in short order. Bravo team ANUK and keep up the good work!

Don Roper, VP of Sales and Marketing, Honeybear Brands, A Wescott Agri Products Company

And Now U Know has done a fantastic job of capturing the interest of the produce industry retail grocery buyers. We hear time and time again from our customers after we have a spot on And Now U Know. Great job team And Now U Know.

Dan T Walton, Executive Vice President, YUCATAN Foods

“We continue to include ANUK in our media mix because we believe they do a really good job of reaching, engaging and retaining the audience we seek, at an affordable rate, and the team at ANUK is great to work with.”

Teri Gibson, Director, Marketing & Customer Relations, Peri & Sons Farms