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FirstFruits Marketing Kicks-Off Its Sweetie Season

FirstFruits Marketing Kicks-Off Its Sweetie Season

YAKIMA, WA - The end of the summer will soon be upon us, marking the beginning of fall, and with that comes apples. Whether used for bobbing, making delicious desserts, or just a healthy snack, apple season is something to be celebrated. This is what FirstFruits Marketing may be thinking as it launches its eighth Sweetie apple season. Marketed as “Gala’s sweeter, crunchier cousin,” Sweeties are guaranteed to grab consumer attention.

Chuck Zeutenhorst, President, FirstFruits Marketing“We’re excited about Sweetie because of the astonishing flavor,” said Chuck Zeutenhorst, President. “Even though our season is short, it is an extraordinary apple that consumers anticipate having every year.”

The unique variety that is Sweetie apples was originally developed in New Zealand, but has been delighting consumers stateside for years. According to a press release, the apple touts the sugar of a Gala apple coupled with the crispness of a Braeburn apple, giving Sweetie the taste that shoppers love.

Along with its inspiring flavor and texture combination, the apple shines blush red, drawing the eyes of passing customers meandering through the produce aisles. With its color; sweetness; and crisp, firm texture, Sweeties are perfect for baking, cooking, and snacking, making them an ideal fall favorite.

With the sweetness of a Gala and the crisp texture of a Braeburn apple, the Sweetie variety remains a consumer favorite

Sweetie season will begin at the end of August and remains available in select retailers nationwide through October. This gives consumers plenty of time to enjoy what these apples have to offer.

If Sweeties sound just as sweet as their name implies, look out for opportunities to add them to your aisles just in time for fall. Here at ANUK, we look forward to biting into a crisp, fresh Sweetie as we enjoy all excitement of the season.

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