Mann Packing Introduces Fresh Veggie Pasta Nourish Bowls®

Mann Packing Introduces Fresh Veggie Pasta Nourish Bowls®

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SALINAS, CA - Adding new and on-trend options to its popular line, Mann Packing has announced the addition of two new varieties of Fresh Veggie Pasta Nourish Bowls.

Rick Russo, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing, & Product Management, Mann Packing“We filled a demand in the market when we created Nourish Bowls, which have become increasingly popular for their convenience and health halo,” said Rick Russo, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Product Management at Mann’s. “Naturally, we are thrilled to launch Basil Pesto and Tomato Bolognese featuring kohlrabi noodles and plant-based protein.”

Mann Packing's new Fresh Veggie Pasta Nourish Bowls®

Following last year’s launch—the popular Spicy Thai Nourish Bowl featuring fresh kohlrabi noodles—Mann’s is adding Basil Pesto and Tomato Bolognese. Both new varieties are a first for Mann’s, offering warm veggie meals featuring plant-based proteins—vegan Chick’n in the pesto sauce and vegan sausage in the Bolognese.

Mann Packing's new Fresh Veggie Pasta Tomato Bolognese Nourish Bowl®

Both of the new Fresh Veggie Pastas are low in calories and feature kohlrabi noodles that, according to the company’s press release, cook, taste, and twirl like real pasta. With the new additions to its line, Mann’s is hoping to leverage the propitious growth in plant-based products (8.1%) and tap into consumers’ desire for healthy, plant-based eating.

In addition to kohlrabi, the Basil Pesto Nourish Bowls include shredded kale, zesty sauce and grated parmesan. At only 340 calories, the Basil Pesto bowls are packed with 15 grams of plant-based protein. The Tomato Bolognese Nourish Bowls include marinara sauce, shredded carrots, and grated parmesan, and at only 260 calories, the bowls offer 14 grams of plant-based protein.

Mann Packing's new Fresh Veggie Pasta Basil Pesto Nourish Bowl®

Both bowls can be prepared in four minutes in the microwave for optimal convenience. Basil Pesto and Tomato Bolognese join Mann’s Spicy Thai, Monterey Risotto, Sesame Sriracha, Southwest Chipotle, Bacon Maple Brussels, and Cauli Rice Curry in the Nourish Bowl line-up of single-serve, warm meals.

New Nourish Bowls will be on display in booth #1219 at the CPMA Annual Convention, April 24-26 in Vancouver.

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