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AgroFresh Launches VitaFresh™ Botanicals – Life Ultra

AgroFresh Launches VitaFresh™ Botanicals – Life Ultra

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Discussions surrounding the reduction of fresh produce shrink are key components of our industry’s growth strategy. A new solution hit the market today as AgroFresh Solutions announced the launch of VitaFresh™ Botanicals – Life Ultra, a plant-based, edible coating to keep produce fresh and reduce food loss and waste. The solution uses an innovative nano emulsion process to generate smaller particles for coating coverage and fruit protection, which was developed by Embrapa Instrumentation (part of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation), UFSCar (the Federal University of São Carlos – Brazil), and QGP Química.

Clint Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, AgroFresh Solutions“We are delighted to join forces with QGP Química for the global launch of this new VitaFresh Botanicals coating,” said AgroFresh CEO Clint Lewis. “Life Ultra is an important part of the VitaFresh Botanicals portfolio and continues AgroFresh’s decades-long commitment to AgTech innovation and food loss reduction. We are excited about how this plant-based solution opens consumer marketing opportunities for the packer-retailer supply chain.”

A press release noted that Life Ultra acts as a protective membrane to reduce dehydration, providing excellent freshness preservation and food loss reduction for citrus and tropical fruits such as avocados, papayas, and mangos. Fruit coated with VitaFresh Botanicals - Life Ultra can be dried quickly, generating a sustainability benefit of decreased energy usage and lower-cost operational efficiencies.

AgroFresh Solutions announced the launch of VitaFresh™ Botanicals – Life Ultra, a plant-based, edible coating to keep produce fresh and reduce food loss and waste

The product is manufactured by Brazilian company QGP Química, with whom AgroFresh has signed an exclusive global commercial agreement.

“The nano emulsion and overall technology process utilized to produce VitaFresh Botanicals - Life Ultra yields an outstanding solution for produce freshness,” said Marilene Ribeiro, Ph.D., R&D Manager Chemical Specialties at QGP Química. “Our collaboration with AgroFresh will help bring this solution to operators worldwide and can have a significant impact on the produce industry’s sustainability efforts.”

Marcos David Ferreira, Ph.D., who is a Researcher at Embrapa and one of the developers of the nano emulsion technology, also commented on the new innovation.

Marcos David Ferreira, Ph.D., Researcher, Embrapa“VitaFresh Botanicals – Life Ultra forms a barrier against moisture loss and gas exchange,” said Ferreira. “Our tests demonstrate that fruits coated with Life Ultra have less weight loss and reduced dehydration, resulting in food loss reduction, fresh quality preservation, and shelf-life extension.”

Will you be one of the first suppliers to implement this solution? Only time will tell, but we’d love to hear about it if so.


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