Alex Jackson Details Frieda’s Extensive Showcase at Southern Exposure

Alex Jackson Details Frieda’s Extensive Showcase at Southern Exposure

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LOS ALAMITOS, CA - Anticipation swirls as Southeast Produce Council’s (SEPC) Southern Exposure draws nearer. One category I’m sure attendees will be drawn to is specialty produce, so I caught up with Alex Jackson, Director of Sales at Frieda’s, to catch the company’s new specialty line that retailers can look forward to stocking their shelves with.

Alex Jackson, Director of Sales, Frieda's“After two years away from exhibiting, the team is looking forward to catching up with industry peers. We’re also excited to showcase our new line of Frieda’s Branded Produce: Organic Mighty Gold® Turmeric, Organic Mahana™ Ginger, Tiki’s® Drinking Coconut, Quickfires™ Shishito Peppers, Kahuna™ Jackfruit, Frieda’s Watermelon Radish, Popjoys® Kumquats, and more!” Alex fills me in, and I sure am excited to try every one of them. “According to shoppers, the line’s new look impresses on the shelf! C&R Research conducted an omnibus study, in partnership with Frieda’s, of 1,000 consumers, and 56 percent of them said they would choose to buy Frieda’s Branded Produce versus the next leading specialty produce competitor and would be willing to pay more for it.”

With consumers getting a little more creative in the kitchen, their adventurous side comes out when it’s time to shop. I, and many shoppers out there, will reach for a product from a brand I know and have tried before. Brand awareness is key to building loyalty, which is pivotal to lifting register rings. It looks like our preferences are grounded, as a recent 1,000-person C&R omnibus research study, in partnership with Frieda’s, showed 33 percent of people say they often avoid buying new fruits and veg because they don’t know how to use them. Additionally, 48 percent of shoppers say they are willing to try a new type of produce with a friendly or approachable brand on the package.

As Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure draws nearer, Frieda’s is preparing to showcase its new line of Frieda’s Branded Produce alongside fan-favorite items

Luckily, Frieda’s knows how well its branded produce performs so that buyers can take advantage of this shopper loyalty. IRI data shows that Frieda’s Branded Produce sells 25 percent better than the next leading specialty brand on the shelf, based on a market basket of turmeric, shallots, rambutan, Hatch Chile peppers, Shishito peppers, young coconuts, egg roll wrappers, wonton wrappers, and kumquats, according to average weekly dollars per store selling, Total U.S. MULO - 52 weeks from October 3, 2021.

Plus, with spring and summer bringing a need for something fresh, nothing screams a change of scenery like tropical fruit. To take advantage of the season’s bounty, the Frieda’s team will also be highlighting its Snow Dragons and Honey Dragons® Dragon Fruits, Rambas rambutans, and more at SEPC.

“Shoppers will be eager to get their hands on our tropical and in-season offerings, and we’re looking forward to discussing programs to anticipate needs,” Alex shares. “And let’s not forget about our category-growers like the Stokes® Purple Sweet Potatoes! They’re versatile, convenient, and are great for any cross-merchandising programs.”

Be sure to check out Frieda’s Branded Produce at booth #622 in the Pacific Hall to see why this brand is preferred. And stay tuned for more updates from ANUK as we cover SEPC.


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