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Alta Energy: An Introduction by Director of Corporate Development Aaron L. Enz

Alta Energy: An Introduction by Director of Corporate Development Aaron L. Enz

SAN MATEO, CA - As more and more companies consider the various ways of deploying renewable energy to reduce operating costs and lessen the impact of fossil fuels on the environment, Alta Energy is bringing its solar, energy storage, and clean energy solutions to respond to the demands of today’s agricultural operations. 

With the New Year fast approaching and new initiatives on the board, I spoke with Aaron L. Enz, Director of Corporate Development, to discuss the company’s value-proposition and how it translates to the grower

Aaron L. Enz, Director of Corporate Development, Alta Energy“There are two major themes with respect to renewable energy that Alta Energy is addressing. One, is the increased economic attractiveness of solar and other renewable energy solutions for agriculture, and two, is the complexity of renewable energy,” Aaron shared. “We can reduce the complexity of renewable energy, and thereby reduce the cost and time required to successfully deploy renewables. In addition, we want to empower California agriculture with renewable energy by simplifying the process, providing transparency, customizing solutions, offering cost-competitive choices, and executing efficient deployment.” 

Alta Energy Simplified A Complex Ecosystem

So, what exactly is Alta Energy? On the surface, Alta Energy is a neutral, renewable energy expert that enables agricultural enterprises to profit from renewable energy in a simplified, cost-optimized manner. But the company’s goals delve deeper than that, with a vision of building relationships and walking customers though the process. 

“We help ag clients navigate the entire process–from initial site analysis to full deployment–and provide an objective view of viable renewable energy opportunities across their operations, in any geography across California or the nation, ranked by investment returns and cost savings,” Aaron told me. “Our ag program offers a full suite of technology, financing, and vendor options for growers, shippers, processors, refrigerated warehouse operators, and farmland owners. ”

Holistic Model Benefiting Clients

In a nutshell, complex nutshell that is, Alta Energy seeks to represent its clients’ interests, tailor solutions benefiting them, and efficiently undertake deployment from pre-qualified vendors on the client’s behalf.  

“Renewable energy can provide significant economic, operational, brand, and sustainability benefits for California agriculture. It is difficult to predict commodity prices, labor costs, or the availability of water, but there are opportunities to reduce energy costs and transform a variable cost to a fixed one using renewables. Based on the trends we are seeing, we believe the market for renewable energy in California ag will grow significantly over the next few years," he added.

To communicate Alta Energy’s key goals and initiatives in a few points, Aaron shared, they could be pinpointed this way:

  • Create more awareness of renewable energy opportunities and benefits, especially for the unique needs of the ag sector
  • Expand strategic products for processors and shippers
  • Launch products for ag landowners 
  • Bring the benefits of renewable energy to a more diverse ag client base

The company is, without a doubt, not only riding the wave of sustainability in agriculture, but quite possibly helping to define it.

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