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Amazon Produce Network Delivers Exceptional Mangos to North American Market

VINELAND, NJ - Mangos are among the most popular product in the world, and in the United States, the tropical fruit is finally heating up. But there are still skeptics out there about mangos not offering the tremendous eating experience that mangos in their native environs offer.

Amazon Produce Network is working to bring the best possible mango to U.S. markets

Thankfully, Amazon Produce Network is working to bring the best possible mango to U.S. markets and grow the category through a commitment to transparency, sustainability, and providing the best-eating mangos around.

Greg Golden, Co-Owner and Director of Sales, Amazon Produce Network“We don’t think of it as a product to fill orders,” said Greg Golden, Partner. “We think of it as the most wonderful fruit in the world—that hasn’t reached its potential here in the United States. Here, we have yet to achieve the amazing flavor that you can get in the country of origin.”

The provider of Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified fruit takes its commitment to its customers, end-consumers, and growers to lofty heights.

Sal Barba, Partner, Amazon Produce Network“We take pride in what we do. Customers always load with confidence when they load with Amazon Produce,” Sal Barba, Partner, said.

To learn more, watch our high-graphic video above.

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