AndNowUKnow Editorial Team Shares Super Bowl Favorites

AndNowUKnow Editorial Team Shares Super Bowl Favorites

CALIFORNIA - That’s a wrap on Super Bowl LVIII! Whether your team won or lost, we have no doubt that football-themed parties across the country were decked out with fresh veggies and fruits for the Big Game. Our Editorial team definitely got in on the fresh-forward eating occasion, and thought we’d share some of our favorites from this past Sunday.

Jordan Okumura-Wright – Air-Fried Cauliflower

“While I embarked on at least a couple of laps around the dessert table, you can be assured I always had a curve of my plate filled with air-fried cauliflower sprinkled with furikake for game day. For an extra kick, mix wasabi with mayo and dip to your heart's content.”

Melissa De Leon Chavez – Long-Sliced Carrots

"Adventurous as I usually am, my Super Bowl palate loves the classic veggie tray and anything on it must be smothered in buffalo wing sauce. The champion for me though is probably carrots—long-sliced, not baby! The sauce-drenching is far more thorough this way. I don't even need the wings."


Anne Allen – Crudités

“Can I hear some noise for crudités? The rainbow of colors and the crunchy snap from raw veggies is precisely what I needed to keep me focused during the Big Game. I’ve got the best set-up for the ideal crudités plate too: assorted colored carrots, blanched asparagus with a lemon dipping sauce, radishes, celery sticks, and cherry tomatoes. I think it appropriately complements the bean dip and chicken wings that are my family’s other Super Bowl fare.”

Chandler James – Broccoli

“It’s the broccoli for me. I could never say no to some steamed or baked trees topped with Cheddar cheese for the Big Game. Or, perhaps more traditionally for this sporting event, I am perfectly happy with eating the green veg freshly chopped and raw paired with some plant-based ranch dip.”

Peggy Packer – Avocados

“Avocados are one item finding themselves on nearly every Super Bowl spread in some shape or form. My homemade guacamole is the epitome of fresh delight—avos, Jalapeños, red onions, cilantro, and fresh citrus juice come together to make an irresistible classic. However, a recent introduction to deep-fried avocado slices has me inspired to shake up the spread with even more culinary creativity!”

Jenna Plasterer- Potatoes

"This year, I was given the gift of a delicious Ranch Potato Salad that had me coming back for seconds—and thirds! My best friend whipped up this easy-to-make recipe that impressed everyone watching the game. Boiled potatoes, ranch dressing mix, sour cream, bacon, and cheese were all it took to wow watchers. You better believe this will now be my gameday staple! 

Cheers to another season of American football. We hope you enjoyed the food just as much as we did!