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Applewood Fresh® Announces Evercrisp® Variety Late-Season Arrival

Applewood Fresh® Announces Evercrisp® Variety Late-Season Arrival

SPARTA, MI - An apple a day is definitely possible this late in January as Applewood Fresh® brings late-season excitement for retailers and consumers alike. The premier produce brand and fourth-generation grower, packer/shipper, and marketer of Michigan-grown apples is shipping out EverCrisp® apples to capture late-season apple sales.

Scott Swindeman, Owner, Applewood Fresh Growers“The apple provides a full sensory experience that leaves consumers craving another bite,” said Scott Swindeman, Owner.

As noted in the release, the apple is ever durable, harvests in late October, and stores well. EverCrisp’s true flavor is developed during storage, maintaining its sweetness and texture like no other, giving apple lovers a fresh, new choice.

Brian Coates, Vice President of Sales, Applewood Fresh Growers“This year’s vintage harvest will also place EverCrisp on grocers’ shelves, as it is the perfect time of year to add a new variety for consumers to discover as they look to eat healthy,” said Brian Coates, VP of Sales for Applewood Fresh. “Today, EverCrisp supplies continue to grow each year as more fruit comes into production. Availability is expected to expand exponentially in 2021 and beyond.”

Winter may have set in here in the States, but that shouldn’t stop fresh apple consumption! The first of the year is the perfect time to introduce EverCrisp to consumers, making this variety the ideal snack for a healthy New Year, and a crave-able delight well into 2021.

EverCrisp expands its availability this year as a late-season, sweet apple that packs a superior crunch. This blushed, rosy red apple is of great quality, juicy, firm, and is true to its name.

Applewood Fresh® is shipping out EverCrisp® apples to capture late-season apple sales

The MAIA-1 variety’s parentage comprises of Honeycrisp and Fuji, combining their flavor and juiciness. Each bite produces a loud crunch, followed by an explosion of sweetness.

Applewood Fresh offers bulk packaging in Standard and Euro Tray pack Cartons, as well as a number of packaged options in 2 lb pouch, 3 lb poly bags, and tote bags to fit the new trend of increased packaged apple sales. Retailers should promote packaged fruit and merchandise in lead-off positions in their produce departments to drive sales. Customers are looking for quick, grab and go solutions as they navigate the store to expedite their shopping trip.

To help retailers drive sales, both in-store and online digital marketing tools have been developed to support the EverCrisp program. With the help from The Produce Moms®, the eye-catching marketing materials include delicious recipes, e-books, and much more.

Don’t wait to capture those late-season apple sales! As more fresh produce news comes to light, count on ANUK to bring you the latest.

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