Atlas Produce's Luke Fountain Discusses Prime Buy-Side Strategies for Ramadan

Atlas Produce's Luke Fountain Discusses Prime Buy-Side Strategies for Ramadan

BAKERSFIELD, CA - While Easter promotions are prominent during late March and early April, there is another spring holiday that offers buyers the chance to bolster their specialty produce sales: Ramadan. Taking place in mid-April, many of the central dishes and traditions of the holiday involve fresh produce offerings such as dates. I sat down with Luke Fountain, Sales at Atlas Produce, to get insights into how retailers can maximize this vital window of opportunity.

Luke Fountain, Sales, Atlas Produce“Medjool dates see a huge spike in sales during this time period from April to May. In fact, sales are as high as the Thanksgiving and Christmas periods,” explains Luke. “Date sales have been on the rise for the past few years, and the spring is a huge time of the year for the category. During Ramadan, every retailer should experience growth in their date category as they play a key role during Ramadan for people when they break their fast.”

Helping buyers prep for the major event, Atlas offers several retail-ready display cases as well as two different shippers to help customize presentations in-store. The date purveyor’s most popular 48-unit shelf display also features several pre-pack options to save retailers valuable time when building their merchandising features.

Ramadan is a perfect opportunity for buyers to bolster their specialty produce sales with Atlas Produce, as Medjool dates play a key role for people when they break their fast

With many of its retail partners already beginning to promote the company’s Fresh Energy Medjool Dates, Luke recommends setting up large showcases and secondary shipper displays to help generate sales.

“I always recommend multiple displays throughout the holidays during the spring,” he says. “We also encourage marketing in the months leading up to the holiday, as Ramadan is not only an excellent opportunity to advertise dates for those who observe the holiday, but to attract first-time date buyers as well.”

Don’t miss out on this prime opportunity to drive shopper dollars and bring fresh, new faces to your produce aisles as Ramadan begins.

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