Bee Sweet Citrus Kicks off the Second Half of Power Your Lunchbox Campaign with Produce for Kids

Bee Sweet Citrus Kicks off the Second Half of Power Your Lunchbox Campaign with Produce for Kids

FOWLER, CA – Stepping out of 2017 and into the second half of its Power Your Lunchbox Campaign is Bee Sweet Citrus. The company, eager for this early 2018 endeavor, is teaming up with Produce for Kids for the second year in a row. The two organizations aim to encourage families and their children to eat healthier meals and snacks throughout the day with the second half of this campaign, which jump-starts January 8th.

Trish James, Vice President, Produce for Kids“After the holiday break, it can be hard for families to get back in the swing of things for the remainder of the school year. That’s where the Power Your Lunchbox Promise steps in,” said Produce for Kids Vice President Trish James, in a press release. “By partnering with healthy lunchbox brands, like Bee Sweet Citrus, we’re able to inspire families, classrooms, and schools to eat a healthier lunch.”

Those participating in the campaign will be encouraged to make promises online to support healthier eating habits. Sponsors of the Power Your Lunchbox Promise, as this segment is called, will be making $1 donations to Feeding America programs for every online promise made, which will aid families and children.

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus“Produce for Kids has done an amazing job of sharing healthy tips and recipes with families, teachers, and students,” said Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications at Bee Sweet Citrus. “Its website also does a wonderful job of providing supplemental material for families and educators who want more information on improving healthy habits at home and in the classroom. We’re very excited to take part in such an amazing, health-oriented project.”

The campaign transcends the online financial promises being made. In addition, marketing efforts will support healthier meals and tips on social media platforms. The official hashtage #PowerYourLunchbox is being used during the campaign to encourage people to share a love of healthier eating. Recipes from registered dieticians will be uploaded onto the platforms.

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