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Bobalu Shares Latest Crop Update

Bobalu Shares Latest Crop Update

CALIFORNIA - Would we even be AndNowUKnow if we didn’t bring you the latest and greatest crop insights? Bobalu's in-field expertise landed in our inbox with another in-depth crop update, sharing insights on its production in Oxnard and Santa Maria, California.

“We made it! This has been quite a roller-coaster season here in Oxnard as we battled significant weather disruptions all season long,” the company said in its latest release. “We spent the last several months behind the normal production curve, which allowed us to stay fresh all the way through May. This is thanks to all of you and your support as we worked through the many challenges.”

Bobalu has shared its latest crop update, reporting good flavor and good sizing on its strawberries

According to the report, Bobalu’s fruit is looking great, with great taste and good sizing. As the company noted, overall volume throughout the state is finally catching up, so Bobalu will begin the transition into processing next week before shifting its focus to Santa Maria.

Bobalu has also reported that its Santa Maria volume is increasing as we approach the month of June. As the grower explained, the weather is still mild, keeping its daily numbers on track and building into peak volume next month.

Bobalu will begin the transition into processing next week in Oxnard before shifting its focus to Santa Maria

“The plants are extremely healthy with fruit showing great flavor, firmness, and full color,” the release continued. “Since we are on the west side of town, we expect a nice long season taking us all the way through summer into fall. We also want to thank some of you for sending us these great photos of our berries on display. It’s great to see the consumer view!”

More crop updates are sure to come from this beloved strawberry grower, so stick around with us at ANUK!


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