Bolthouse Farms’ CEO Jeff Dunn Discusses Strategic Plan With CBS News Crooked Media's Alex Wagner

Bolthouse Farms’ CEO Jeff Dunn Discusses Strategic Plan With CBS News Crooked Media's Alex Wagner

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Bolthouse Farms continues to shake the industry, making strategic move after strategic move. Amongst the bevy of acquisitions, innovations, and donations, CEO Jeff Dunn, interviewing on Instagram as @ChiefCarrotOfficer, found time to chat with CBS News Crooked Media’s Alex Wagner, to discuss how the powerhouse company faced the current challenges in our industry and the strategies that will soon be put in motion.

Jeff Dunn, Chief Executive Officer, Bolthouse Farms“We’re doing a good job containing [the virus’ effect],” Dunn began. “We’re doing everything we can, but there’s risk, and we need to mitigate it. How do we ensure we have the right standard operating procedures, protocols, and ways of living? I think this will be an ongoing conversation.”

A conversation that the company takes quite seriously. When asked how Bolthouse maintains a safe working environment to provide the baby carrots and other products consumers seek out, Dunn didn’t skip a beat.

Bolthouse Farms’ CEO Jeff Dunn spoke with CBS News Crooked Media’s Alex Wagner to discuss how the company is facing current challenges and the strategies soon to be put in motion

“Our employees are incredible,” he continued. “Usually, when you make these changes in big plants, there aren’t a lot of changes. But, people have dug right in and have come up with great ideas about how we can do it even better […] We’re developing an app that allows us to track their badge and temperature, and we’re creating a thermal camera system [for employees] to walk through without the use of a temperature gun.”

These innovative takes have proven to help mitigate the spread for Bolthouse while also ensuring a safe working environment—a huge win for everyone in the supply chain. Dunn further detailed the importance of maintaining strict sanitation protocols across Bolthouse Farms’ plants.

Among other strategies, Bolthouse Farms is working on developing an app to track the temperatures of employees working at its plants

“We’re very disciplined about every single line in the plant; it’s part of our food safety plan. If you don’t do this, you’ll have organisms growing—sanitization works,” Dunn elaborated. “In this environment, any time we’ve had a positive case, we break the shift down and sanitize that whole part of the plant […] I think the next thing you’re going to see are wristbands with Bluetooth to track inside the plant.”

With testing becoming more available, the Chief Carrot Officer emphasized that the track-back to those who have been infected will become a critical component in keeping the exposure at a minimum.

Jeff Dunn remarked that Bolthouse Farms is constantly looking at new technology to improve both its operations and employees’ lives

From our standpoint, the operational part and worrying about human beings has not gotten any easier, and I don’t expect it to get easier, but we’re more operationally efficient now,” stated Dunn, explaining that the team is looking for every technology that can help Bolthouse improve for the better.

To view the entire interview, which I suggest as it is riveting, click here.

As Bolthouse Farms pushes forward for the betterment of our industry, what other innovations will we see take effect? AndNowUKnow will be right here to bring you the latest.

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