California Giant Hosts Berry Planting Field Trip; Bill Moncovich Comments

California Giant Hosts Berry Planting Field Trip; Bill Moncovich Comments

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WATSONVILLE, CA – After sitting fallow without crop for three years, the wait is over! A portion of California Giant’s Watsonville, California, farming property has finally transitioned into an organic strawberry field. In honor of the new ground, a 3rd grade class joined the berry grower in planting the first crop.

Bill Moncovich, President and CEO, California Giant “We really want to be a good neighbor and the best way to do that is to invite your neighbor over and get to know each other,” said Bill Moncovich, President and CEO, who invited Ohlone School, located right across the street, to be part of planting the first crop.

On November 21st, Rich Uto, the farmer on the property, hosted twenty 3rd graders, excited to learn more about their neighbor. During their visit, they helped plant the first organic strawberries on the property, with each student placing a name tag next to their individual plant in order to witness the growing process.

Students from the Ohlone School join California Giant for a Berry planting field trip

“It was such a rewarding experience to share with these kids that have been watching this ground since kindergarten, and now be part of a new crop. We will take care of their plants and bring the students back to check on them in March,” said Uto in a press release.

While the students wait patiently for spring to arrive, each of the 3rd graders were able to take a potted strawberry plant back to school to grow and nurture through the winter.  

Students planting strawberries

California Giant has been transitioning ground throughout the state near schools and days cares for some time now. The 15-acre plot is part of a larger organic program for the company and is expected to bear fruit by early spring 2018 when the students will be invited back to share in the first harvest and taste the crop they helped to plant.

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