California Growing Regions Face Heavy Rainstorm; Joe Angelo and Josh Ruiz Comment

California Growing Regions Face Heavy Rainstorm; Joe Angelo and Josh Ruiz Comment

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CALIFORNIA - On Wednesday of last week, we received word that heavy precipitation would be hitting regions across Northern California over this past weekend. With those weather events seemingly behind us here in the upper half of the state, we turned to our industry friends down south to hear how they are faring.

Joe Angelo, Director of Sales, Ocean Mist® Farms“We are rained out of most items today (Monday) and expect harvest to be slow tomorrow when we anticipate being able to get back in the field,” said Joe Angelo, Director of Sales at Ocean Mist® Farms, in a statement to ANUK. “Warmer temperatures and dryer weather is expected mid to late week, which will help, but we do expect quality to be impacted. To what extent remains to be seen.”

According to a report from Weather Mission, heavy rain is expected to continue today for Southern Californians. Total levels of precipitation are expected to be one to three inches of rain, with levels reaching as high as five inches on southwest-facing slopes.

As heavy rainfalls hit several regions across Northern California, Southern California is also due for some heavy rain with up to five inches of precipitation forecasted on southwest-facing slopes (Photo credit: AccuWeather)

Following the downpour, growing regions in California should see clearer skies as the week progresses. Temperatures are expected to reach the low 30s to 40s, with high pressure returning to the region.

Josh Ruiz, Vice President of Ag Operations, Church Brothers Farms"We don’t think there will be flooding but we’ve seen about one inch of rain in King City and up to 2.5 inches in Salinas," Church Brothers Farms' Vice President of Ag Operations, Josh Ruiz, told us. "The fields are wet and muddy, so it will be a challenge to get out into the fields and harvest over the next few days. However, with no more rain on the forecast for the rest of the week, we’re hoping the fields will dry up by late Wednesday afternoon/early Thursday morning."

Other growers we checked in with report similar weather patterns, with the heaviest rain touching down today, meaning we will be checking in once again tomorrow when the showers have subsided.

To all of our industry friends experiencing an influx of wet weather this month, we wish the very best outcome for you and your crops.