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Category 4 Hurricane Roslyn Makes Landfall in Mexico

Category 4 Hurricane Roslyn Makes Landfall in Mexico

MEXICO - Another aggressive hurricane has hit the Western coast of Mexico—dubbed Hurricane Roslyn. The Category 4 storm strengthened over the weekend, making landfall as of yesterday around 11 a.m. PST. The weather pattern brought with it torrential rain and threats of flooding.

The storm hit Mexico yesterday about 55 miles Southeast of Durango, Mexico, according to a report from CNN. From there, it moved Northeast, moving across the land at 20 miles per hour. The news source cited a comment from the National Hurricane Center, reporting that the hurricane would impact Southwestern and West-central Mexico and Southern Baja California.

The Category 4 storm deemed Hurricane Roslyn made landfall in Mexico yesterday (Image credit: NOAA via AP)

While growers prepare and get a more informed understanding of the hurricane's path, we can say that it looks to be taking a similar course as Hurricane Orlene did. Our grower friends report that it is still too soon to say what the impacts will be, but we will provide you with more details as updates come in.

Another industry source stated that the hurricane made landfall South of most vegetable growing regions. They reported that the storm may affect some mango producers, tropicals, and winter melon production, though the damage should be minimal. The hurricane will still bring significant rains and cloudy days, which, coupled with the cold front coming through, will slow veg production across much of the country.

We will be keeping a close watch on the aftermath of this hurricane, so stick around for more updates.