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Cats Overtake the Supermarket: Cucumbers Still Hold Their Own

Cats Overtake the Supermarket: Cucumbers Still Hold Their Own

GERMANY - What is a Friday without another installment in the epic ongoing battle between cats and cucumbers?

This time the cats are taking over all of grocery and, according to this German-made video, they win; save for the area which the cucumbers are holding down. Watch at your own risk below:

The video is actually a quirky advertisement for low prices at the German supermarket Netto, showcasing that everyone, feline and human, is made happy by markdowns.

While shopping for items you would expect cats to go for, like one in particular who just can’t seem to handle all the options tuna presents and even the option for vegetarian-friendly mice snacks, the produce aisle gets a special spotlight.

And, of course, cucumbers inevitably wreak havoc for the furry shoppers.

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Featuring other popular cat-related internet sensations like grumpy-faced cat and jazz paws cat, not a single stereotype was missed.

Enjoy a little Friday amusement and, if you find yourself wondering how the addition of a few cats can help your ad campaign, note that the two-day old video has already garnered nearly 2 million views.