Double Diamond Farms Launches Liberty Natural with Gene Simmons

Double Diamond Farms Launches Liberty Natural with Gene Simmons

LEAMINGTON, ON - Double Diamond Farms, a company driven by a passion for bringing healthy, sustainable, and delicious food to homes all across North America, is launching Liberty Natural—a new joint venture food brand with Gene Simmons. Yes, you heard me right. The Co-Founder of KISS and one of the world’s most recognized personalities has teamed up with some industry rock stars in their own right.

Double Diamond Farms has partnered with Gene Simmons, Co-Founder of Kiss, to market a new line a of products titled Liberty Natural

The new business will bring to market a high-end food brand for the retail and foodservice space, providing a wide variety of all-natural food products in a way that excites them to eat healthier. With the brand making its initial launch at this year’s PMA, Double Diamond Farms’ President and CEO Chris Mastronardi shares the latest on the venture and the road ahead.

Chris Mastronardi, President & CEO, Double Diamond Farms“We are always looking for ways to diversify our product offerings,” Chris tells me. “As we continue to expand our reach in the greenhouse industry, our love of flavorful, natural food, led us to partner with Gene for the Liberty Natural venture. We are strategically positioned to excel in this new arena and I look forward to the road ahead.”

Liberty Natural will build a new food program with a full line of retail-ready, value-added, and foodservice products. As Chris and Gene continue evolving the company’s business model, they will be exploring new food categories and delving into a variety of other products that differ from Double Diamond’s greenhouse grown program. Liberty Natural will introduce various items including organic avocadoes, mangos and shishito peppers. Add lettuce and a full berry lineup to the mix and the menu is off to an excellent start.

The Liberty Natural line of products includes, Guac 'N Roll Guacamole, Kiss Berries, Cherry Bombs, Salad 'N Bowl, and Shishito Peppers

“Double Diamond values healthy and delicious food opportunities,” Chris shares. “The best way to impact the food space and consumer palate is by reaching customers through the retail spread or the foodservice menu. This unique partnership should do just that.”

Congrats to Double Diamond and Gene Simmons on this new venture and we are excited about what is to come!

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