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Family Tree Farms' Doug LaCroix and Nicole Sandoval Discuss Plumcot Program

Family Tree Farms' Doug LaCroix and Nicole Sandoval Discuss Plumcot Program

REEDLEY, CA - Late summer feasting in the Northern Hemisphere calls for stonefruit. A versatility of applications and flavors, stonefruit offers buyers a premium program that will draw in shoppers. I reached out to Family Tree Farms to learn more about its Plumcots program and what retailers need to know.

Doug LaCroix, Director of Sales and Marketing, Family Tree Farms“We have over 25 varieties of Plumcots, with different flavor and color characteristics. Our Flavor Gator, with its green/red mottled skin, and deep red flesh, and an intensely sweet flavor, is one of our favorites of the season,” says Doug LaCroix, Director of Sales and Marketing.

With so many different colors and flavor profiles for Plumcots, Nicole Sandoval, Marketing Manager, encourages retailers to use in-store signage to call out these characteristics and help consumers understand the differences in all the varieties.

Family Tree Farms has a variety of Plumcots ready for retail programs, such as its noteworthy Flavor Gator

Using display bins in the lobby or in the front of the produce section is another great way to drive sales.

Demand has been great, and is especially strong when our retail partners can load all four colors for the month of August, which creates a fantastic looking display that delivers on flavor,” Doug notes.

Family Tree Farms has over 25 varieties of Plumcots, each with different flavors and color characteristics that can be highlighted to consumers

Recently undergoing a brand refresh, retailers and consumers will see Family Tree Farms’ new packaging in store this summer.

Nicole Sandoval, Marketing Manager, Family Tree Farms“It communicates fresh flavor in a bold way through vibrant colors, and our Plumcot packaging calls out varieties and colors,” Nicole explains.

Two weeks ahead of last season, Family Tree Farms is reporting similar volumes—with August representing its best volumes and quality of the summer.

There’s no time like the present, so get to stocking up, buyers!

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