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Find the ANUK Apple Logo on the Cover of the October, 2019 Snack Magazine for a Chance at $100

Find the ANUK Apple Logo on the Cover of the October, 2019 Snack Magazine for a Chance at $100

SACRAMENTO, CA - Wait, wait, wait! Before you pack away your Halloween costume and swap the jack-o-lanterns for faceless pumpkins in the name of November, the ANUK team has one last horror-filled activity for the produce industry!

Our ANUK apple logo is missing! It was last seen on the cover of the September issue of The Snack Magazine. Now, we need a few expert super sleuths to track it down on the cover of the October issue, or we’re worried we will never see it again. Cue the ominous organ music and bolts of lightning!

October's Who's Who of the Produce Industry Cover

If you’ve always believed yourself to be worthy of riding in the Mystery Machine with Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby Doo himself, then we’re challenging you to find the logo in what has come to be known around The Snack Magazine office as the hardest Find the Apple logo round yet. Cue the track of villainous laughing!

This round, you’ll need your handy dandy magnifying glass and a copy of the October issue of The Snack Magazine featuring our favorite bodyless heads. If you haven’t received a hard copy of our October issue click here for the digital cover. Then, to truly prove to us that you’ve found our beloved logo, we need you to snap a pic of your own bodyless head with a dismembered finger pointing to the logo. I repeat:

  • Your FOUND the Apple Logo photo must include your face
  • And your finger must be pointing to the AndNowUKnow apple logo

If your photo checks off the above boxes, email it to pr@andnowuknow.com to join the running for the $100 cash prize!

The ANUK logo you're searching for!

Every round, we choose two winners, one from the buy-side and one from the supply-side. If your photo lands in our inbox ahead of everyone else’s, you could join the winners circle with some of the quickest produce people, like:

  • David Liesenfelt of Fresh Concepts (reigning supply-side champ)
  • Kelly Mejia-Cruz of Denny's (reigning buy-side champ)
  • Monina Knox of Sobeys
  • Chris Olsen of Gold Coast Packing
  • Kimberly Chan of 99 Cents Only
  • Danny Ortiz of Sysco
  • Brandi McGuire-Sisco of Topco Associates
  • Mike Mendez of NatureFresh™ Farms

Interested in receiving a copy of The Snack to give you a leg up in future challenges? Subscriptions are valued at $129 per year, click here to subscribe.

Best of luck to all who dare to play!

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