Fresh Avenue Launches New Foodservice Product and Rebrand

Fresh Avenue Launches New Foodservice Product and Rebrand

SANTA MARIA, CA - Launching onto the scene with an innovative new foodservice product and a fresh branding approach, Fresh Avenue, the regional sales and marketing team for source fresh-cut producer, GreenGate Fresh and other fresh produce providers, is embracing the growth it’s seen in since its debut 18 months ago.

Mark Vaughan, Managing Partner, Fresh Avenue“So many great farmers and producers need a “hands-on” sales team with reach into the regional and local marketplace. It isn’t just about regional sales, but how our team approaches sales and support,” Managing Partner Mark Vaughan shares with me when I ask about what differentiates the company. “We want to be there, engaged and in person, helping customers solve issues by connecting them with great suppliers, products, and logistics.”

This mindset, perhaps, is what led the company to launch a value-added variation of leeks for the foodservice industry, where the unneeded portions of the produce are removed at the facility.

Fresh Avenue's innovative new Green Light Leak Sticks

Fresh Avenue has been growing across the board since it began operating in July, 2016. Recently it has expanded with new team members and the launch of its logistics and commodity programs, all within the last year.

Scott Bricker, Director of Sales and Partner, Fresh Avenue“This is all fueled by our growing customer base. I laugh about this, but it is very true, that if you want to be a part of Fresh Avenue, you have to kick butt. That sums up our last 18 months, kick butt level of growth, and we don’t plan on slowing down,” Scott Bricker, Director of Sales and Partner, comments.

Partnered with GreenGate Fresh, the team builds its sales and support outreach around GreenGate’s product base, bringing a deep pool of produce knowledge to the table.

Mark grew up in the fresh produce and food sector in fresh processing and distribution. The Founder and Owner of Vaughan Foods in Moore, OK, he grew it from a small facility to a large processor with national reach with customers across the U.S. and Mexico. Mark sold the business a few years ago. He now heads Fresh Avenue as Managing Partner and Mark also serves on the advisory board for FAPC, a group out of Oklahoma State University that provides support for Oklahoma food producers.

Scott Bricker, Director of Sales and Partner, worked his way up throughout his produce career, settling well into sales. The team shared that his sales career is summed nicely by the term, "rainmaker." He now holds a Partner position with Fresh Avenue, leading the sales team.

Fresh Avenue Team

Also building up the Fresh Avenue brand are Jamie Shipley, Jim Leighton, David Root, Peter Divoky, and Amber Parrow.

Amber Parrow, Marketing Director, Fresh Avenue“With the exception of myself, everyone has built their careers in various places throughout the produce industry, from farming, logistics, sales, buyer, operations, etc.,” Amber, Fresh Avenue’s Marketing Director shares. “Between six of the team members, there is over 150 years of experience in produce. I’m the odd one as I’m 18 months in produce, but what sold me was the fast pace of Fresh Avenue and that I absolutely love working with the team. I can’t say enough that they are great people to be around and work with.”

With much more in the works for GreenGate Fresh and Green Light as we prepare to bid 2017 farewell, keep checking in with AndNowUKnow as we follow this and other rising companies in the produce industry.

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