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Fresh & Easy Announces New Partnership with Instacart

Fresh & Easy Announces New Partnership with Instacart

SAN FANCISCO, CA - Fresh & Easy has announced a new partnership with the San Francisco-based startup Instacart. Now Fresh & Easy shoppers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles will have access to online grocery delivery, the first time the retailer has offered its customers such a convenience, according to a press release.

Heather Wake, General Manager at Instacart“We’re excited to work with Fresh & Easy to deliver groceries in LA and the Bay Area,” shared Heather Wake, General Manager at Instacart. “Our customers are always looking for healthy and fast meal options, and Fresh & Easy, renowned for its prepared meals, is an excellent partner to help meet that demand.”

Mike Evans, Vice President of Marketing at Fresh & Easy“Partnering with Instacart is a win-win for everyone – our existing customers will now have a convenient and reliable delivery option for their favorite products, and we will be able to extend our reach to new customers who may not have had access to one of our stores,” agreed Mike Evans, Vice President of Marketing at Fresh & Easy. “Online ordering and product delivery have been major priorities for Fresh & Easy this year and we are glad we are able to launch with such a strong partner in Instacart.”

Instacart shared that there are plans in place to eventually expand this partnership into other areas where Fresh & Easy has a retail presence. Considering that Fresh & Easy has 167 stores across Arizona, California and Nevada, there could be considerable growth potential for this partnership.

Instacart has been on the rise in recent months, announcing new partnerships with other leading retailers, including Whole Foods

Congratulations on this new partnership, Fresh & Easy and Instacart!

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