Fresh Innovations Highlights Leadership Insights in Exclusive Behind the Greens Video

Fresh Innovations Highlights Leadership Insights in Exclusive Behind the Greens Video

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STOCKTON, CA - We here at AndNowUKnow are all about exploring company evolution and growth strategies, and we were lucky enough to glean some exclusive insights from the leadership team at Fresh Innovations, who talked everything from team development to portfolio expansion and more.

Joel Harris, Director of Operations, Fresh Innovations“The five original owners of Farmington were all apple growers in California. They wanted a packing facility to bring their apples to, so they decided here in Stockton to build a packing facility to pack their apples,” shares Joel Harris, Director of Operations, detailing some of the company’s history.

The company’s move from Oxnard to Stockton, California, has allowed it to tap into new channels of demand and further grow its business.

Ed Ruiz, Vice President of Process and Regulatory, Fresh Innovations“As we evolved here with largely school business and activity, we’ve moved into vertical markets like retail. So, we really are excited about that change and growth,” adds Ed Ruiz, Vice President of Process and Regulatory.

Fresh Innovations’ strong operations are backed by an even more formidable team.

In an effort to bring all of its apples to one packing facility, Fresh Innovations moved its operations from Oxnard, California, to Stockton where it built its own packing operation

As Laura Serrano, Operations Manager, details, its experienced team is a key component of its recent brand growth.

Laura Serrano, Operations Manager, Fresh Innovations“The thing I’m most proud about are my employees—my team,” she states. “They’ve been here for a very long time, and they give me the respect and I give them the respect to continue to build toward this brand that we believe in.”

As Chief Executive Officer Tim Stejskal notes, there is even more growth in store for this burgeoning company.

Tim Stejskal, Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Innovations“We’re currently working on the opportunity of putting a solar field to create sustainability within the state of California and for our building,” says Stejskal. “About 80 percent of the power that we’re going to use will be generated from that solar field.”

Looking to the future, Brand Marketing Manager Kelsey Gomes says the company’s focus will remain on growth and innovation.

Kelsey Gomes, Brand Marketing Manager, Fresh Innovations“For the future of Fresh Innovations, I’m most excited to see the word innovations in our name come to life—working closely with all of the teams in our organization to bring fresh, new products to the market for consumers to enjoy,” she says.

For more insights on the company’s operational evolution, don’t forget to check out our exclusive video above!

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