Fresh Solutions Network's Kathleen Triou Details Trends and Merchandising

Fresh Solutions Network's Kathleen Triou Details Trends and Merchandising

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NEWPORT BEACH, CA - Without the Super Bowl, there would be no Super Bowl party. As football fans rally to watch the Chiefs take on the Eagles, they’re also planning out the snacking spread. For such a high-profile day, you need the high-profile solutions to back it, and Kathleen Triou of Fresh Solutions Network is here to help.

Kathleen Triou, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Solutions Network®One of the hottest trends right now is the ‘potato board,’ which is perfect for party snacking. A potato board consists of seasoned mashed potatoes used as a base for other toppings, spread on a cutting board. Flavorful, finger-food style, and satisfying, these potato boards are the solution to hungry guests during game day breaks,” the FSN President and Chief Executive Officer notes. “Personally, I’m planning to make two different kinds of potato boards: Greek Isles Mashed Potato Board and a Fall Harvest Mashed Potato Board.”

To accomplish this impressive spread, Kathleen suggests including Side Delights® potatoes across Super Bowl related ads.

In preparation for upcoming Super Bowl parties, Fresh Solutions Network's Kathleen Triou suggests merchandising the supplier's products for unique appetizers like the trending potato board concept

“From a category perspective, we recommend secondary displays within produce and outside of the produce department,” she tells me. “Especially in conjunction with a promotional ad, a secondary display supports the incremental sales of the whole potato category, resulting in at least a 22 percent increase in dollar sales for the category, according to a recent IPC retail test result. Add to that, point of sale and Super Bowl relevant call-to-action messaging, and you’ve got a super plan to maximize Super Bowl sales.”

Secondary display merchandisers with header cards custom-designed for Super Bowl are a great way to signal to shoppers that they are a great addition to any watch-party spread or tailgate celebration.

Fresh Solutions Network's Kathleen Triou  also recommends retailers utilize secondary displays within produce and outside of the produce department, especially in conjunction with a promotional ad to boost category sales

Keep in mind, shoppers might also be conscious about inflationary prices right now, and potatoes are an affordable meal solution.

“Potatoes are already a value-conscious item, so consumers can feel good about how many people they can feed when potatoes are used. They’re inflation busters, satisfying hungry fans with great taste without busting the budget. Whether they make potato boards, homemade fries or potato chips, potatoes are a crowd pleaser,” Kathleen says.

Be sure to check back in with AndNowUKnow as we cover fresh strategies up to game day!

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