Frieda's Shares Exclusive Tropical Varieties and Merchandising Opportunities to Bolster Summer Sales; Alex Jackson Berkley Tells All

Frieda's Shares Exclusive Tropical Varieties and Merchandising Opportunities to Bolster Summer Sales; Alex Jackson Berkley Tells All

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LOS ALAMITOS, CA - Why blend in when you were born to stand out? This is a phrase that Frieda’s lives by and a strategy that is especially effective for retailers as they look to woo shoppers with eye-catching merchandising methods and unique offerings. To spice up produce aisles this summer, the specialty maven has unveiled new tropical options to get consumers excited to load up their baskets and invest their dollars in fruits and veggies.

Alex Jackson Berkley, Director of Sales, Frieda's“We like being in sync with what our shoppers are thinking, and our research helps us decipher that. This year we can say with certainty that a strong tropical program will help push consumer interest and in-store sales. In fact, 66 percent of shoppers said they would be willing to ‘trade-up’ (purchase higher quality/unique ingredients) when entertaining, according to a C+R Research 1000 person study,” explains Alex Jackson Berkley, Director of Sales. “Summer is a great time to get shoppers to try something new that they just might stick with when fall comes around. That means more robust demand for tropical products year-round.”

As summer approaches, Alex tells me that shoppers are excited to experiment, and it’s no different with their produce consumption. For that reason, retailers shouldn’t be afraid to take risks with their in-store assortment, as Frieda’s research also shows that 74 percent of shoppers are choosing to shop at grocery stores with a wide variety of produce, as they believe it makes healthy eating easier.

Tapping into key consumer trends when it comes to fresh produce, Frieda's has launched new tropical varieties to boost sales this summer

Likewise, 64 percent of consumers are on the lookout for more colorful produce on their plates, creating the perfect opportunity to showcase Frieda’s eclectic range of bright, tropical offerings.

“As shoppers look to up their game, we want to make it easy and approachable for them. Take our Fire Dragon™ Fruit, for example. We’ve made it easy for them to figure out what it is going to be like and taste like on the inside, and how easy it is to slice, scoop, and enjoy,” says Alex. “In fact, 59 percent of shoppers said that Frieda’s packaging graphics makes it easier to figure out how to use and consume new kinds of produce. We also have our eye-catching 3 tier shipper, which is perfect for merchandising Fire Dragons, Snow Dragons, and Honey Dragons all together when they are in season this June.”

With 64 percent of consumers looking to add more colorful produce to their plates, Frieda's tropical varieties make for eye-catching displays and the perfect option for shoppers looking to spice up their eating habits

In addition to its delicious Fire Dragon Fruit, Frieda’s has new options for buyers and consumers alike, including rambutan, lychees, and its coveted Angelcots®, which only come in season for an incredibly short time.

Just as Alex says, “normal is boring.” So, grab the phone and contact a Frieda’s rep to turn your produce aisle into a tropical haven this summer—trust me, your shoppers will appreciate a vacation.

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