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Frieda's Specialty Produce Announces Good Supply of California Summer Grapes

Frieda's Specialty Produce Announces Good Supply of California Summer Grapes

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - Good news for lovers of grapes from Frieda’s Specialty Produce—Champagne and Thomcord varieties from California are now in season with good supply, the company reports.

Karen Caplan, CEO, Frieda's

“Champagne and Thomcord grapes are only available in the summer so retailers can take advantage of this by building big displays to feature them as ‘limited time only’ items,” Karen Caplan, President and CEO of Frieda’s Specialty Produce shared with us.

Champagne grapes will available from Frieda’s through early August in 16/1-lb. clamshells, the company shared in a press release, while Thomcord grapes will available through the end of August in 10/1-lb. clamshells. 

So how should retailers display these specialty grape varieties? Frieda’s recommends placement with other grape varieties, or even cross-merchandising with cheese and wine for summer entertainment. Foodservice summer menus can benefit from the sweetnes of Champagne grapes, and make for a perfect accompaniment on cheese or charcuterie platters and picnic boxes. 

Sweet California grape season will continue through the fall with Yellow Sweetie grapes, with Frieda’s starting in mid-August and shipping 16/1-lb. clamshells.


Frieda’s shared that interested retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice distributors can start contacting the company’s account managers to take advantage of these specialty grapes and summer favorites like lychee and rambutan. And keep watching AndNowUKnow for more on the specialty grape market as the season progresses!

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