Giumarra Companies' Gary Caloroso Shares Exclusive Avocado Update

Giumarra Companies' Gary Caloroso Shares Exclusive Avocado Update

LOS ANGELES, CA - Exclusive updates are coming to you straight from the avocado sector. As Giumarra Companies reports a steady supply of fruit coming to the market, I got in touch with Gary Caloroso, Regional Business Development Director, to find out what promotional opportunities lie in wait for retailers.

Gary Caloroso, Regional Business Development Director, Giumarra Companies“Currently, there is a steady volume of high-quality Mexican avocados. Larger sizes are tighter in supply,” Gary shares with me. “We believe that retailers have an excellent opportunity right now to promote smaller-sized Mexican avocados, especially in bags. At Giumarra, we pride ourselves on providing customized service to our customers. We have a dedicated, experienced, and creative team that works hard every day to tailor our support to the exact needs of our partners.”

To bring these promotions to life, Giumarra offers a year-round supply of conventional and organic bagged and bulk avocados from all points of origin, including California, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. Additionally, the company offers Fair Trade USA-certified avocados from Mexico during September through May. Customers looking for preconditioned avocados can also reach out to Giumarra for custom-ripened fruit, available across the United States.

Retailers currently have an excellent opportunity right now to promote Giumarra Companies’ smaller-sized Mexican avocados (pictured: Fair Trade Certified grower Carlos Genel Valencia and his staff)

As retailers look to build out their promotional strategies, one element that grocers can really use to their strengths is the versatility of avocados, which lend themselves to a variety of uses and cross-promotion opportunities.

“Avocados are versatile and can be incorporated into a wide range of seasonal promotions, menus, and events during the fall and winter months, especially with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the football season in mind,” notes Gary. “Retailers will see an increase in avocado sales—and overall basket ring—if they take advantage of these holidays and special eating occasions through in-store merchandising tied to social media and other marketing efforts.”

Get in touch with Giumarra today to harness all the avocado sector has to offer!

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