GreenGate Fresh and Fresh Avenue Launch New Coleslaw Kit

GreenGate Fresh and Fresh Avenue Launch New Coleslaw Kit

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SANTA MARIA, CA – A trending dish for chicken and barbecue plates is coming just in time for consumers to hit the outdoors. GreenGate Fresh and its national sales group, Fresh Avenue, have teamed up to bring a fresh approach to one of the original fresh-cut concepts: coleslaw. The new Coleslaw Kit will be launched under GreenGate’s label this spring.

Mark Vaughan, Managing Partner, Fresh Avenue“We’re really excited about this new Coleslaw Kit GreenGate will be launching soon,” Mark Vaughan, Fresh Avenue’s Managing Partner and an expert on fresh kits, shares. “Going back nearly 20 years, I pioneered the launch of a fresh-cut produce kit. Now, I’m pleased to work with GreenGate to bring a key to better coleslaw: fresh-cut cabbage and mixing the dressing into it.”

While GreenGate’s name might ring as something of a newcomer to the fresh produce scene, Jay Iverson, VP of Sales at GreenGate Fresh, assures me that its work has been around as long as any farming family.

Jay Iverson, VP of Sales, GreenGate Fresh“GreenGate as a company is coming up on our 9th anniversary, but our sourcing and family partners go back 75 years in Salinas and almost 100 in Arizona. We might be a new face but we’re not rookies by any stretch,” Jay says.

With deep roots in cabbage growing, GreenGate offers not only the expertise but also consistency across U.S. markets, something any national foodservice chain might need when looking to give customers the same, fresh, flavorful experience.

Scott Bricker, Director of Sales & Partner, Fresh Avenue“We offer a fresh, consistent product across our customers’ markets, no matter the region,” Fresh Avenue’s Scott Bricker, Director of Sales & Partner, points out. “A huge advantage we have noticed is the ability to offer a consistent product with a fresh taste versus a pre-made alternative wherever you might be.”

Likewise, the team says the new coleslaw kit is a fresher product than the usual pre-made coleslaw, easy and quick to assemble while providing a consistent outcome every time. An extreme assist considering the rising popularity of cabbage-centered items on the restaurant and home consumption scenes.

GreenGate Fresh and Fresh Avenue's Coleslaw Kit

“We were definitely capable of expanding into this new product with the advantage of selling more cabbage,” says Jay. “Cabbage usage is up across the board and enjoying a resurgence, so anything we can do to help assure that boost we’re on board with!”

GreenGate’s western cabbage has a standout color and flavor to make this fresh, easy-to-prep coleslaw pop on any plate or menu image.

GreenGate Fresh's Coleslaw

See for yourself in the Big Apple next month! The Fresh Avenue and GreenGate teams will band together to introduce the new Coleslaw Kits at the New York Restaurant Show March 4 through 6. Swing by booth #1671 for a bite and tell them AndNowUKnow sent you!

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