Gwillimdale Farms' Quinton Woods Talks Parsnips and Beet Category Growth

Gwillimdale Farms' Quinton Woods Talks Parsnips and Beet Category Growth

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BRADFORD, ONTARIO, CANADA - Root vegetables have become a destination for shoppers, as their multiple health benefits coincide with their shelf stability. As parsnips and beets gain momentum and take up more and more shelf space, I turned to Gwillimdale Farms to learn what the impact of these two categories is for retailers.

Quinton Woods, Sales and Plant Operation Manager, Gwillimdale Farms“For St. Patrick’s Day, our biggest mover is parsnips. Our carrot and potato volumes typically rise a bit as well, experiencing a 30 percent to 50 percent boost. But for parsnips? That’s an 800 percent increase,” remarked Quinton Woods, Senior Sales and Plant Operations Manager.

This insane jump occurs in Canada and the Northeastern United States, where parsnips have become quite a sales driver at retail. In order to capitalize on this demand, Quinton suggested putting them front and center.

Gwillimdale Farms' Quinton Woods explains that parsnips saw an almost 800 percent increase in sales as St. Patrick's Day approaches

“Put them where people can find them. Not everybody supplies the root veg that we do. We got a couple root veg that not everybody has, like parsnips and beets. Beets are another potential opportunity mover. The growth in both of these categories is tremendous. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, people are experimenting more than ever before, so it’s important for retailers to ensure that they’re readily available because they’re doing really well. And St Patty’s Day is a perfect opportunity to showcase that,” he explained.

Beets are holding their own, taking up space on the shelf. Thanks to cello bags, and pre-packaged 2 and 5 lb beets, growth is imminent.

Like parsnips, beets have also become a retail sales driver for St. Patty's Day, and Gwillimdale Farms is urging retailers to put the root veg front and center to capitalize on the trend

As these two categories build momentum, I imagine we’ll be seeing sales opportunities for them on multiple holidays.

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