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Hans Christian Schur Talks Schur Star Systems' Solutions for Produce Providers

Hans Christian Schur Talks Schur Star Systems' Solutions for Produce Providers

CARLSBAD, CA - If you’ve walked through a grocery store recently and found yourself marveling at an innovative package on the shelf, chances are, Schur Star Systems has had something to do with it. Schur specializes in developing and engineering new bags, creating its offerings using unique materials and shapes, all with a goal of becoming a “one-stop-shop” for its customers. Schur both manufactures packages and provides the equipment used to fill them, and as the company continues on its mission of “disrupting the shelf,” I spoke with Hans Christian Schur, the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Director about what’s to come from the innovative company for the produce realm.Schur Star Systems offers fruit, vegetable and herb packaging“We’re always working to address our customer’s needs, as well as their wants and desires, by developing the most innovative packaging in the industry,” Hanstells me as we discuss what is on the horizon for the company, who has just begun to delve into produce industry solutions. “Our goal is to allow our customers to differentiate their product line from their competitors. We firmly believe that disrupting the shelf through packaging is the ultimate way of branding or re-branding yourself. In this case, the produce sector calls for more packaging for food hygiene purposes, so our thought is, ‘why not take this opportunity to develop something new and innovative?’”

The possibilities for today, tomorrow and the future are endless, Hans says of why produce companies will find Schur as the perfect answer to their needs. Schur does not want its customers to be locked into one bagging option or one size, so the company actually allows them to purchase equipment that will grow with their product line. Each purchase with Schur is an investment in the long-term, Hans says.

Schur Star Fruit Bags

“It is our job to make sure to maximize the degree of flexibility in this equipment so that many other SKUs can be added at a later date on the same machine,” Hans continues. “We are focused on providing the value-added solution that the industry is wanting, and our over 171 year history has proven to lead to trusting long-term business relationships with our customers. We stand behind what we do, with both the machines and the bags we make. The Schur Star concept is a total system solution.”

Over this 170+ year history, Schur Star has created a reputation for itself of thinking outside the box, and welcoming ideas that others may have dismissed as too “crazy.” Just in the past year, Schur has found success with microwavable bags that come with a separate compartment for a spice mix, anti-fog packaging, and another offering you may be familiar with—SunSelect and Oppy’s Outrageously Fresh specialty tomato mason jar bags.

SunSelect and Oppy's Outrageously Fresh specialty tomato mason jar bags

“The flexibility of our equipment allows Schur Star the ability to run the widest range of sizes and a variety of material structures and bag configurations all on one machine. In produce, this means we can create an extensive range of bag features to allow our customers to have an endless array of possibilities for future packaging needs,” Hans explains. “But beyond that, it’s the reliability of our equipment that really sets us apart. 90+ percent of issues can be resolved over a phone call—we make a point to develop equipment that is easy to set up for new SKUs, while also simplifying the overall operation of the equipment. This allows for a production environment in which anybody regardless of skill level can undergo a quick training session and operate the equipment.”

Want to learn even more about Schur Star Systems and all of the company’s shelf-disrupting packaging and euipment options? Check out the company’s website at www.schurstarusa.com.

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